Sunday, January 09, 2005

Progress Photos

First of all, I want to give a big shout out to my friend Melody
who has held my hand during the blogmaking process. Also, a big hug and kiss to my most excellent husband, who took 2 of the 3 nuggets to Uncle Tony's house yesterday and enabled my bloglearning.

As promised, I cast on my 3rd project yesterday evening: Mariah from Knitty

and made a few inches of progress. I always hate the wonkyness of the edges if they have cables in them and fiddle quite a bit with these. I might try something different with the other sleeve, casting on less and increasing right below the cable. (?) But anyway, I think these will look much better when blocked.

If you are familiar with the pattern you will notice that I crossed all the cables the same direction, instead of alternating. Its just my own personal taste that I like it better that way, plus I forsee less headaches of laddering back to fix wrongly-crossed cables.

I made a little progress on the blue Koigu sock, while talking to my mom and sister on the phone. They live in Muncie, Indiana, and have been without power for four days, after a major ice storm. They are cold, dirty, and longing for hot food. My sis has been knitting by flashlight. Go girl! Lets hope it comes back on today!

My knitting bag, with my three current projects. One of the other reasons I flit between projects is for a change in color. These three are so beautiful I have a hard choice deciding! Yum!Posted by Hello


Blogger Mrs. Mel said...

I am absolutely crazy about the Mariah!!! This is just gonna be so gorgeeeeous in that color. I am so happy that I am squeeking that you are now blogging your stuff. I will feel lots closer to you since I can see what you're doing.
Thanks for linking me too.
La la ladeedah!
Love Mel

12:49 PM  

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