Friday, October 28, 2005

Survivor Update

We have a frontrunner! Jan correctly guessed that Amy would be voted off. I was so sorry to see her go, I loved her voice. So with one correct guess, someone has finally taken the lead! Yea Jan!

And I have to admit, like others have said, I'm just not as into it this season. Maybe it's partly due to the contest, (Like joining a KAL mysteriously kills my enthusiasm for a project) or maybe its because I'm watching too many darn reality shows. I'm watching Amazing Race, Survivor, and both Apprentices, and I'm having trouble keeping eveyone apart. Except for that Jim on the Martha Apprentice. I guessed Judd last night because he was the main one I could remember! Okay, I took notes last night like a big nerd, and I will now do better.

So I have finished the back and one side front of Willow. I read somewhere that the each back and front is 30%, and both arms together are 40%. (Which doesn't take into account the sewing and finishing, etc.) But if that is the case, I'm 45% done.

Which is pretty much where I get bored with a project and put it down. Needing a little variety, I dug into my Cotton Ease stash and matched it with this pattern, from VK Winter '02:

I was considering doing another Hourglass sweater, (one that fit better, this time) but then I remembered this pattern, and it fits the bill of being a basic pullover, like the Hourglass, but with that nice little cable detail on the shoulder and the mock turtleneck that I like.

I planned to knit it in the round, and had already ordered the new Bryspun circulars I'd need for the Hourglass. (My favorite needles, now in circular!) I can't knit cotton with metal, my wrists can't take it.

Humming away last night, on truly mindless stockinette in the round, when bam! I've never broken a needle before at the join. I guess I'll be calling the company today to see what their policy is. I'm just bummed because I was really excited about these needles.
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Blogger Tres said...

Wow, you've really been at the helm of your blog this week. I just caught up.

Nice work! Everything looks great. Can't wait to see the kids in costume soon!

11:44 AM  

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