Saturday, March 04, 2006

Triple Whammy

What was I thinking when I said that I'd post my backlog of FOs, one each day? Hopeful, yet unrealistic.

So, here are three Finished Objects to report, from the recent past, long past, and present, all with the theme of "footwear."

First off, socks for my brother. (Go plead with him to start posting again, because his blog was highly entertaining, but he got off track last fall when he started a new job.) Thank you!

I posted these just briefly before. I made these in return for some renovation plans he drew up for me while he was here for Christmas. He gave me the Koigu and specified the design. He wanted a blue cuff and heel, and grey foot and toe.

I made the left one to his specifications, and weighed the leftover ball of grey as I wasn't sure I would have enough to do the other sock. Out of the 50gm ball of Koigu, I'd used 27 gms for the first sock. Oh maaaaan! So we decided to go with the blue toe (as you see on the right.)

I just had to rip back the toe on the first one. Thank goodness that was the only correction to be made, because these are some big honkin socks.

(Tres, you will see those in the mail next week!)

Here is part of my sister's birthday present from last October. Flip flop socks. For some reason, I never showed them. The pattern was a freebie from Blue Moon Fiber Arts that I got at Stitches. I used leftover Fleece Artist sock yarn.

I did have to modify the pattern though, you can see the first one I did on the left, was too wide, so I ripped that one out and did some more decreases (finished one on the right).

And a sock for me, I just finished this week. Just your basic sock pattern, but I was especially pleased with this one since it was my own dyed yarn. (Knitpicks sock yarn dyed with acid dyes.) This is the first one I've knit up from the Knitpicks yarn and it is soft and comfy!


Blogger Shannon said...

You're a sock knitting machine! They look great.

9:38 AM  
Blogger Jeri said...

Lovely socks! What dye did you use? Did you steam or use a microwave? I've just bought some acid dye and bunches of merino, and I'm itching to dye yarn, but haven't figured out how to get the heat part going. Can you bake it in the oven??Would that work? I have lots of leftover pyrex, but no dyepot steamer large enough...hmmm!

7:42 PM  

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