Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sophie's Toes "On the Road" Edition

So the quilting party got put on hold last week when I had to change hats, and get ready for a yarn show in Wisconsin. Janesville, Wisconsin, as in the Janesville Knitting Guild Knit-In. A Knit-In, as I was trying to explain to a muggle friend today, is when knitters gather at a specific place to knit all day without interruption, and there are yarn vendors, and knitting classes, and some food and coffee, and laughing, and lots and lots of knitting. Awesome super nerdy knitting fun!
It was particularly special because it marked the first appearance of our mascot, Sophie herself (and her toes, which have changed considerably from those chubby baby toes of 2005 but are still pretty darn cute, says her mom) at her first yarn show acting as Big Girl Helper.
This appearance would be accidental, owing to a scheduling malfunction between her parents, which necessitated her addition to the trip. However, I will report to being pleasantly surprised at how well it went. This girl has one excellent work ethic, and she earned her payment in m & ms.
She modeled samples, sorted yarn, tidied, modeled, bagged, stapled, modeled, and generally kept up morale. Did I mention the modeling?
What I would like to know is, what great-aunt somewhere in our lineage worked in Vaudeville? Because she didn't get that look from me!
How much product can I model in one shot?
Wait! You forgot to take a picture of me with the yarn!

In Knitting Knews: last week I cast on a new sample in a brand new color of Magic Ball called "Night Owl", which is mostly black and grey with some highlights of dark red, plum, and brown. I intended to get it finished in time for the Janesville show, but I forget that I don't get much knitting done the week before the show because I spend my evenings skeining and tagging yarn.
So my new goal is to get it done for the next show, the Madison Knit In, coming up in a few weeks. Here it is about halfway done. (Raise your hand if you are going to Madison!)
It's a very fun knit and seems perfect for a Magic Ball. The pattern is Wingspan and it's free on Ravelry.


Anonymous Sandy W said...

What a great model! I'd like to go to Madison, since I'm only a bit north in Green Bay. But, other plans got in the way. Good luck with the show. Is that scarf Barb's Koigu Ruffle Scarf? I used your Fall Mums for one of those for a gift last year and it was beautiful.

8:13 AM  
Blogger Laura said...


4:10 PM  
Blogger YogaNan knits, too... said...

what a little ham! too adorable...

8:25 AM  
Blogger amy wolgemuth bordoni said...

LOVE your helper. What a cutie. :)

12:31 PM  
Anonymous baju muslim said...

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