Monday, January 17, 2005

Alert! Alert! Finished Objects!

In a frenzy of Mariah procrastination, I finished and started accessories.

Finished the second of my beautiful blue Koigu socks. Sweeeeeet!

Cast on Dave's birthday socks. Wool-ease in navy, green, charcoal. I know, I know, WOOL-EASE? But, after knitting brother-Christmas-socks, it'll be a long time before I knit big, honkin, man socks on 7-8 spi in a boring color. But these are his first socks from me, so he is not a sock aficionado, yet. He will love them.

Cast on Natalya gauntlets, in black Karabella Aurora 8 from stash. I love this yarn!!! It is the softest merino I have tried. It was going along so swimmingly I knit 1/2 inch past the place for the gusset, so they will be 1/2 inch longer. I can't wait to finish these and wear them. Ethan saw the picture and asked me "Mommy, is that a bad guy?"

For anyone awaiting a Mariah update: I finished the sleeve to where it attaches to the body. I have decided to knit the body in the round (since it's knit that way after you attach the sleeves) and steek it. How daring! How exciting! Yes Melody, I will take pictures! It will go so much faster, as I knit a lot faster than I purl. At least, once I adjust for my slightly-off gauge, my slightly-off size, readjust to get the cables all lined up right, get all the stitches cast on and make sure I have the right number. Did I mention procrastination? See projects above.

Warning. Warning. All knitting stops here. Personal content below. I realize that the only people delighted by the following will be Ethan's doting aunt and uncle, but hey, that comprises 2/3 of my readership, so here goes:



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wow, you have so many awesome projects going. love the socks! and the art is fantastic along with the talented handsome artist. those are great pj's.

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