Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Still Trippin

Back from NY, we had a wonderful time, thank you for asking. We came, we saw, we got rained on mercilessly, we danced, we drank, and I used the breast pump in the wee hours of the morning.

The wedding was wonderful. The couple was adorable, and very happy. Good thing Lisa (the bride) is not superstitious, as the Pope died and it rained like a monsoon on the day of her wedding. The wedding hotel, The New York Palace Hotel, was right across from St. Pat's Cathedral, and we could hear bagpipes from somewhere in the streets of New York that evening as we were going to the wedding.

So, to be filed under "more details than you cared to know" we walked around all day Friday and Saturday and saw our old favorites: our old apartments at 210 West 10th Street and 95 Christopher, my favorite fabric store Paron, (didn't buy any fabric since the "fabric wing" of our house is already full), Macy's, ABC Carpet, Fish's Eddy, Strand Bookstore, Bleecker Street, Washington Square Park, Jefferson Market, Espirit, Paul Smith.

We had margaritas at the Cowgirl Hall of Fame (best frozen strawberry margaritas in the world) and the spectacular Cabeza de Ajo. I might be spelling that wrong, but it means "head of garlic." Imagine this, a large garlic head, roasted so the garlic is soft, sweet, and spreadable, on a platter surrounded with toasts, melted cheese, and some kind of green pesto (best guess: cilantro, tomatillos, and jalepenos). You spread the garlic on the toast, top with cheese and green stuff, and it is the ultimate in deliciousness. It tasted exactly the same as it did ten years ago. (Tracey kept commenting that it was really fifteen, but for simplicity's sake, I'll round down to the nearest ten.)

And yes, we did go yarn shopping. I didn't knit ten (fifteen) years ago, so this was all new. I had a prioritized list of several yarn shops, but, due to the monsoon, we only made it to one. Purl, in Soho. It was a typically teensy shop, but packed to the ceiling with pure yarn ecstacy. The main thing they had that I hadn't seen around here were the new Rowan yarns, cash soft, and cash cotton. I was too overwhelmed to buy anything for a big project, though.

Here it is, my stash acquisition. On the left, is one skein of Colinette Prism, destined to be a scarf for moi. On the right, two skeins of Koigu KPPPM, intended to be "thank you for enabling such a wonderful weekend socks" for Mom. In a suprise maneuver, Mom has asked for a scarfy thingie instead, so they will be a shortened version of the "Chevron Scarf" from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.

Another picture from the trip: cool prezzies for the kids. Although I'm not sure I can really part with that quilty coloring paper.

And here come to the part of the post where I talk about knitting. After the finishing frenzy of last week, I was left with only one project on the needles, the Sitcom Chic. This, my friends, is the perfect trip knitting. Straightforward, with lots of stockinette, but a few details to keep it interesting. I finished both sleeves and attached them to the body while on the planes. Now I'm yoking around, approaching the eyelet detail. Can't wait to wear this sweater!

And since I've been home I've cast on another project.

Its April, after all, so I have decided it is time to finish up my Christmas knitting. This is the second half of the poncho I gave my mom. It is the Sidewinder Poncho from Iknitiative. I'm hoping to finish it before she leaves later this week. Posted by Hello


Blogger Tres said...

I'm glad you had big fun. If anyone ever deserved it it was you after the one-two punch of holidays and the funeral. Now I finally see that that Sitcom thing you've been working on is a sweater! It looks very cute. Nothing like a long plane ride for serious knitting progress!

12:40 PM  
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