Saturday, March 12, 2005

Pile O' Projects

Pile O' Projects Posted by Hello

A description of the projects, clockwise from upper left:
Mariah, awaiting zipper. Above that, fabric: jacket to be sewn for friend's wedding. Below that, light blue: A Good Bias shrug, about 75% done. Dark green: Koigu sock (second sock). Pink sweater: originally for February fix-a-thon, replacing button bands and cuffs. Black swatch: potential for little caplet. Dark plum: poncho for my mom, half done. White: Sitcom Chic. Green Trekking sock: for son (second sock). Green in center: Teva Durham turtleneck shrug from cover of Scarf Style book.

In case you can't tell, I've been stressed out and a little distracted recently, evidenced by the number of projects going on. Firstly, its that time of year when there is a re-evaluation of works in progress. Spring is approaching, the new magazines are popping up, the stores are loading up on spring yarn. You start to realize that you aren't even going to wear that wool sweater after you get it finished.

But I have other stuff going on, my grandpa died this week. He was 95, had a wonderful, full life, and it was expected. Nevertheless, I wasn't prepared for how sad I would be when it actually happened. So, I am preparing for a trip next week, and will need some mindless knitting for sitting around reminiscing with family.

I was also invited to a friend's wedding next month, which will involve a trip to NYC with a girlfriend, where I will attempt, in 2 days, to shed my jelly face wipin' mommy-self, and be the hipster I used to be.

I have been pulled between casting on new and exciting things, things to wear in NYC for the wedding, needing the closure of finishing off old projects, and worrying about having good mindless knitting for the upcoming trip.

Hopefully, I can get this organized in the next day or so and prioritize. Will keep you posted.


Blogger Tres said...

Quite a pile. I'm trying to finish my sweater vest to wear on the plane home for the funeral, and looking forward to your sock expertise while we sit around reminiscing. I settled on a medium-blue Cascade 220, and probably will do light green toes, heels, and cuffs. And I took your advice and went with the #2 dpn's.

3:09 AM  
Blogger Jenifer said...

My condolences about your grandpa! That's so rough, no matter how or when it happens. Anyhow, thanks for visiting, and I love your Molly, too! Wasn't that a great pattern? And I'm itching to start A Good Bias this spring, and I think I'll definitely use cottonease now that I've seen yours! What yarn are you using for Mariah? Looks great! Jenifer

9:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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