Monday, May 29, 2006

It's A Race!

Hi everybody! Did you all have a good weekend?

We didn't go anywhere, as evidenced by the absence of a "am I packing enough yarn and projects" panic post last week.

We worked in the yard, played in the yard, had some friends over, bought me a gas grill for my birthday, grilled up everything in a five mile radius, and watched THE RACE.

I know many/all of you will find it hard to believe, little ole knitting/quilting/sewing/childraising me would be a die hard race fan. But it's pretty hard to grow up an hour away from Indianapolis and not be bitten by the excitement of the Indy 500. Listening to Jim Nabors sing "Back Home Again in Indiana", well, there's just nothing like it! And then... "Lady and Gentlemen, start your engines!" And then the cars rev, then the flag waves....

Here I am! Knitting and watching! That's Sam Hornish, about to overtake Marco Andretti on the last straightaway for the second-closest-finish in HISTORY!

And because I just couldn't decide which photo was the best, here is the moment that the same Sam Hornish ran over his gas-up guy's foot in the pit stop! Ack! (You can bet they reran that moment about a billion times.)

Sorry you can't really see the knitting in the photo. And I realized later that, in the excitement of the moment, I didn't take the time to "stylize" the background for the photo shoot. Yes, that is the back of our TV cabinet that has fallen out and we've just left it there. (Too Busy Knitting.)

But, the theme is "race" for more than just the Indy cars. I'm racing to get this black raglan done. I'm ready to be on to the next thing, already! I'm finishing the second sleeve, so hope to have something to show later this week.

And one note of the contest. Thanks to everyone who has commented so far, I've really enjoyed reading them! I'm going to close the contest tomorrow (Tuesday) at noon and announce the winner by tomorrow night.


Blogger Mrs. Mel said...

Too funny about stylizing the photo shoot. The back of the tv cabinet falling down and me falling down laffing in one post. hahaha!

6:25 AM  

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