Wednesday, June 14, 2006

sew? i knit!

Another something-along!

I love the idea of this one: sew? i knit!

It's a bunch of knitters who sew too. Every round there is a theme. June/July it's a blouse. I didn't sign up for the first two rounds, but I happened to make the same thing they were making, just by coincidence (April it was a skirt, which I made, and May it was a bag, which I made....eleven). So, I figured I needed to get in on this action.

I sew a lot of my clothes but usually it's just a quick and dirty project, nothing special, just plain twill pants or a new black skirt, and it never makes it to the blog.

Here's a blouse I made last month, just before the sew-along started, so it doesn't count. But I'm basing the next one on this pattern, so I thought I'd show it anyway.

Burda pattern 2561, Robert Kaufman pimatex cotton, about 2.25 yards. I got the fabric at Hancock's of Paducah while I was there for the quilt show. It makes a great shirting fabric.

I plan to use the basic body pattern for the next one, but I'm going to leave off the collar and make a sort of ruffle instead (?) and make it short sleeved.

Here is a the fabric for the next one:

Meanwhile, if you're in the market for some sock yarn, stay tuned:

Yarn for sale tomorrow.

And maybe some tote bags. Fingers crossed.


Blogger Shannon said...

I joined the sewalong and have so far only managed to make one bag. I'm an -along failure.

Love the sock yarn!

3:53 PM  
Anonymous Jeanie said...

Hi there! I hopped on over to your blog from the Sew? I knit! blog. I'm new over there too -- in fact, I haven't even officially even signed up, but I was just about to do that! Your blouse is wonderful! I'm wondering if I'm going to be in over my head with this whole sew along thing, but there's really only one way to find out, eh?

So is it possible for me to reserve the brightly colored skein of sock yarn you pictured on your blog? I'd love to buy it!

11:31 PM  
Blogger thinlady said...

So, I'd love to make the garage sale -but I have a lace workshop!!
I'd love to reserve a bag....Karen

12:12 PM  

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