Sunday, July 16, 2006

Saved by the Butterfly Garden

Faced with the possibility of being the worst -alonger ever, when Dave unexpectedly offered to take the kids to the butterfly garden yesterday, I jumped at the chance to finish my Sew I Knit-along blouse on the dot of the deadline.

(So I hope the goal was to finish by the deadline, not necessarily blog by the deadline.)

Here is my blouse, body of Burda 2561, altered neckline and cap sleeves by moi.

Sorry that's blurry.
Here's a better view of the pattern of the fabric, I just didn't want you to think my sleeve was scrunched up like that, and yes, I do have two arms, even if my six year old son can't photograph both of them.

I blogged about the pattern before here, in the June 14th entry.

To change the collar to the scoop neck with ruffle, I first cut out the front as per the pattern:

Cut away by eyeballing it, what I thought was a good scoop neck (in future, this made it too vee for my taste, see how the line from the shoulder is slightly diagonal toward the center front? That should be straight down, I learned, and I will change that on my next one.

Then I cut front and back neck facings to match the front and back, and interfaced them.

The ruffle was just a long strip of fabric 3" wide, cut on the cross grain of fabric, folded to make a 1.5" strip, and with a .5" seam allowance I ended up with a 1" ruffle. I like it, but if I do it again, I would make the ruffle 2".

Even though there are a couple things I would change, I really like the way this turned out and want to make another. I just noticed some solid red fabric in stash....

p.s. the Sew I Knit theme for next round is "quilted". Hop on over there and sign up by July 31st!


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