Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Feeling Better, Thanks.

Thanks you guys, I feel much better knowing that this has happened to many people. And nobody called me an idiot.

Here's something that really cheered me up this week. We had a Big Event. The tooth that had been dangling for several days now finally lost its foothold.

He lost his bottom teeth last year so I am familiar with the procedure. Try to give them away to the tooth fairy, and he cries. He loves his little teeth and wants to keep them. So this time, we wrote a note:

Dear Tooth Fairy. I lost a tooth. I want to keep it. I just want you to know that. Is it ok that I can keep my tooth? Love Ethan.

I looked at the paper, and (being archivally minded) said: "Oh, Honey, don't you want to get a nice piece of paper? Why are you using that ripped piece?"

He, apparently, had thought this all through, because the reply was "Oh no, she might not be able to carry it if it's a whole piece. Too big."

Alrighty then!

(The Tooth Fairy did write him back a note, letting him know it was ok to keep the teeth, and gave him $1. In case you have this big event to look forward to in your life, learn from my experience. A paper dollar would have been much more practical, as four quarters can crash to the floor, creating a loud clatter at a most inopportune time.)

Speaking of the boy, here's something knitting related:

Meet Trice. I made him in May, to celebrate the end of school.

(I was super pleased to plug in the ole camera for the first time today and find that I had over 200 photos still on the camera. Many that I had already put onto the old computer, but then hadn't taken the time to delete. God Bless not having time to do something properly. )

Trice got a warm welcome from "Squishy". If you don't remember him, he had a little photo op back in November -scroll down about a quarter of the way.

Quite a beloved new member of the family already! Get your own pattern for these super cute dinos here. Thanks Xtreme Knitting!


Blogger judy coates perez said...

my son has had a hard time giving up several of his teeth, including the last two pulled a few months ago for braces (he's 12). And i was willing to put down some big bucks for that, but he wanted to hang on to them and admire them and eventually just forgot to put them under his pillow. I am not sure about the believing in the fairy part, but my kids both still go a long with the santa thing too, maybe for my sake :) i remember when Ty was about 4 he was jealous of Nina getting to put another tooth under her pillow and thought he could fool the tooth fairy with a shark tooth under his pillow. it's funny none of these things ever occurred to Nina, I wonder if it just a personality difference or a boy/girl thing.

10:54 AM  
Anonymous diane said...

Hi Emily,

For future reference, you might want to invest in a flash drive to store your photos. Storing photos on your computer takes a ton of memory and then you always have the chance of losing them.

Flash drives with a gb of memory run about $50.00 or do. They're tiny and you can transfer all your stuff from PC to PC very easily.

5:49 PM  
Blogger Mrs. Mel said...

So glad you are back. Now what about the yarn?

6:13 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Ethan is so cute! I still have teeth from my children and they're really old! Maybe I'll give them back on their wedding days. That should frighten the new bride or groom.
Thanks for the yarn I received from you yesterday. I love the colors! It is just what I need to kick-start my sock knitting again. That and a really good snow storm would help.

8:26 AM  
Blogger Tres said...

Hooray for 24 and knitting! It was 24 this past season [5th season] that revived my knitting, then we started back through season 1 and are now halfway through season 2!

The great thing about 24 is that it has plenty of scenes where the characters stand around catching each other up on the plot, so if you happen to miss an important detail because of your knitting you'll get caught back up pretty quickly.

Plus it has soap-opera drama mixed in with good-guys vs bad-guys action. What more could you want?

Cute dinosaur, cuter toothless Ethan!

8:43 PM  

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