Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Stressed Out

Turns out, the year that I really, really, truly give in to the fact that it is difficult to get quilting done, and I'm ok with that, I have a decent number of quilting opportunities come my way.

So, I've said yes to a commission that I need to get done in a few months. It was just an opportunity that was too cool to pass up. More on that later. But until I get the design done and know that we are on the same page, I'm a little stressed.

Combine that with a mention from a preschool teacher that a certain (loveable) 5 year old, is talking back and being disrespectful in class.

Well, there have been big-time changes our family this year, so I'm just trying to handle everything one day at a time....

In knitting news, what's a stressed-out girl to do...

Cast on another sock.

Would this be the mate to the green Koigu sock cast on last week? Would this be the mate needed to complete the birthday Woolease sock pair (needed Friday morning, by the way). No, this would be just another random first sock. This is grey varigated Opal. Yes, I need to get a better way to photograph these socks as I am not capturing the color successfully, sorry about that.

In Mariah news, I'm almost ready at the point on the body where you attach the sleeves. I'm making this slightly shorter than the pattern. I'm making the body length 22", which I'm a little nervous about, since it will be my shortest sweater. I normally make the body length 23" or 23 1/2" on my "short" sweaters, which hits me at the high hip. But after trying on a couple of sweaters that length, I really think this one should be shorter so that cable/ribbing will go more around my waist, rather than fall lower over the hip.

Crossing fingers.
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