Saturday, February 05, 2005

Dye Day at The Fine Line

Today I got together with a few girlfriends at a wonderful arts center, The Fine Line, to experiment with dyeing yarn.

Several of us had experience with dyeing fabric using Procion MX dyes (for quilting) but only Laura had dyed yarn using acid dyes. The funny thing is, we all had supplies sitting around, stuff that we had bought with the idea that we wanted to try it someday. So we all gathered up various dyes, vinegar, saran wrap and squirt bottles and trucked it out to a place that had 3 stovetops, numerous large pots with steamers, and three sinks.

We had a fabulous time, and only wished our darling Melody hadn't caught the flu and been unable to join us. (We really missed you Mel.)

Here we are just starting out. Frieda is fooling around and Laura is trying to keep her in line.

Frieda is preparing to mix dye, and still fooling around.

My batch of Trikolore is soaking in warm water and vinegar, waiting to be overdyed.

Frieda gets serious and starts painting her yarn.

Frieda tests her colors on a paper towel, Emily prepares for nuclear disaster.

I mix dye, apparently while dancing.

Here is a skein being painted by moi.

Now it is wrapped in saran wrap and steamed for about an hour.

Gretl gets serious with a crockpot.

Lookie how the cotton and silk fibers in the yarn took the dye differently!

Gretl is happy with her beautiful finished product!

Yarn drying in my kitchen tonight. Tomorrow I'll post pictures of the finished product. Posted by Hello


Blogger Mrs. Mel said...

Thank you Darling Emily for the great pictures, and hopefulling we will have another chance to do this together. I will get to see the finished products on Friday, when Frieda and I will divide the whole stash in half. That will be interesting!
How did your overdye turn out? Inquiring minds want to know.

8:27 AM  
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