Thursday, April 28, 2005

The State of Things

The state of things is, well, I'm tired. I need a big ole shot of enthusiasm! We had a wonderful time in Paducah, it was quilt and fabric overload, as usual.

Here are Mom, Allison, and me with Sophie in my friend Laura (of Artfabrik!)'s booth at the show.

And here I am with Laura herself, dyer of extra-ordinary fabrics and threads. Those are all her fabulous little quilts in the background. Sophie could care less about the quilts, she is fascinated by the shiny name tag.

ALERT! Knitting content ahead! FO!

Here is my mom in her swanky new poncho. I told her to "act natural", but I assure you, she does not walk around with her arms out like an airplane, most of the time. Thanks to the Rend Lake Artisan's Shop and Visitor's Center for graciously lending their yard for our photo shoot. And I mean it when I say "photo shoot", since it took about 35 pictures to get this so called "natural" one.

So, here ends the traveling portion of the program. I am not usually such a jet-setter (given that three of my recent trips were to Paducah, Racine, and Tell City, and no jets were involved, the term jet setter may not apply, I'm realizing). But it has been way more than the usual amount of traveling for me in the past two months. (Three opportunities for Mommy to get away and re-charge, and of course they all come within the same month.) Now it is time to stay home and take care of the home front.

The status of my knitting projects, brought to you by Coddiz the Hedgehog. There is no significance to having a stuffed hedgehog in the photo, he was there, he is cute.

Pale purple under Coddiz: Mariah, awaiting her zipper. Moving clockwise: un-dyed yarn for Rowan Martha. Are they going to kick me out of the knit-along if I don't start soon? Next: the purple Koigu chevron scarf for my mom. Slow going -plus- she won't wear it til fall -equals- no motivation. Large pink thing: the hourglass sweater in summer tweed. This is currently my main project. A couple of socks thrown in for the heck of it, they will likely languish until fall.

Lastly, the big white blob is my Sitcom Chic, needing only a couple of bands and a button (I've even woven the ends in already, yay me) but I can tell its going to be too big, the arms are nearly long sleeves, and they're supposed to be three quarters! So it not only needs finishing, it needs FIXING. Ugh.

And this is state of my flowerbeds, after a year of neglect. Yikes. Where do I start? Posted by Hello


Blogger Tres said...

O.K., Mom looks like she is about to break into song, ala Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music! LOL

I would take a short knitting break and give the garden a little attention just so you'll have something pretty to look at and/or eat by later on in the summer.

Just throw a few seeds on there and give it some water. It'll do the rest.

1:29 AM  
Blogger said...

great poncho and your garden looks like mine. i need to work on it.

1:35 PM  
Anonymous dj said...

How many skeins of Summer Tweed are you using (will you need?) for your Hourglass Sweater?

12:55 PM  

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