Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Cast-On City

As I may have mentioned, I've had the blahs. For instance, last weekend I had a little mommy-time, and I raced to three stores in just over an hour.

First up, the local quilting store. I rarely go there, because (the fabric wing is full) I dye most of the fabric for my quilts, and any print fabric I usually buy at Paducah or the Chicago Quilt Festival. Anyway, I was was trying to make a skirt from a Kaffe Fasset print that I bought at Paducah, and I was about 1/4 yard short. So, the trip to the quilt store. They didn't have it, but they did have--get this--YARN in a little alcove in the back. Nothing that I couldn't get at the LYS I frequent, but nevertheless I thought it was quite interesting that a quilting store was getting into yarn. Smart people.

Next up, Joann's superstore. Looked over the Cotton-Ease, but the Cotton-Ease wing of the house is also getting full. It would take the elusive Sugar Plum, or Ice Blue (which I have never seen at Joann's but that doesn't stop me from looking every time I'm there) to excite me at this point. I did get a $1.47 notion to finish my new bag (hold your horses, that'll be elaborated on later.)

Finally, my LYS. I was on the hunt of some Rowan Cash Cotton DK for the picot-edged bolero in the new Vogue Knitting. Not there, just the Cash Soft. Picked up and put down a lonely skein of Koigu about fifteen times. Left it there. Three fabulous stores and all I got was a stinkin' yard of cotton upholstery cording? Sacre Bleu!!

So, I went home to shop at Emily's Closet. Found some great things there, fancy that! That yarn store owner has some fantastic taste, I must say.

I present to you: New Projects.

Jazzy new scarf, from the Colinette something-or-other that I bought in New York.

This purchase was made just after the Apprentice episode when Tana (go Tana!) wore that cool pink scarf. Although, either she has two pink scarves, or the second time I saw it I think it was eyelash yarn, and I didn't like it. But I liked the color, and decided I could use a flippy, summery, pink scarf. I should have captioned this "Attempt at jazzy new scarf", because I think it is blech. Any suggestions for a pattern for flippy, summery, pink scarf would be appreciated, as this is headin' for the frog pond.

Next up: new sweater for moi, from the free Rebecca online pattern here and GGH Goa. This may look Blech in the pictures, but I have high hopes for this to be quite fabulous. As fabulous as I could possibly be in BULKY WHITE YARN. Maybe I shouldn't get those hopes up too high.

Finally, my mindless knitting. Belated baby blankie for Sophie, from a yarn called "Baby Cover". This stuff is light as air and even softer. I figured this yarn must have been made of 100% chemicals to be this soft, and I looked at the label and its 100% merino. Incredible.

Last but not least, I also made myself a new bag. Sorry to blind you with the flash there. The pattern is by Amy Butler. So is the fabric. I got both at Hancock's in Paducah. What am I going to use it for?

Do you really need to ask?
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Blogger Tres said...

Perk up big sis!

I'm putting out the word for you on the flippy, summery pink scarf.

Why not start something fun for the June rendezvous?

3:31 PM  
Blogger Katy said...

I heard rumors that cotton-ease is being discontinued. Perhaps you will be able to sell all of your stash on Ebay for huge profits!

9:08 PM  

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