Thursday, November 10, 2005

Updates Galore

First of all, since I haven't posted since last week, a big congrats to Lauren, who guessed correctly last week who would be voted off in the Survivor Contest! Go Lauren!

Today I'm going with Gary, although I like him (big covert operator that he is) and would be sad to see him go. Or it might be Stephanie, if they wise up, but Gary, I'm going with Gary.

Over the weekend I tried to get this mess under control:

That's my garden, which really went to heck this summer. I love these garden boxes, which I built myself about 4 years ago, in a what was a total wasteland part of our yard. See how the path lines up with the trees? Like a big geek, I made a blueprint of our whole yard, where the big trees were, to scale and everything. Having babies has put my big landscaping plans on the back burner, but next spring I want to get back into it, and guess what, I'll document it all here! Yay, you!

Back to knitting, here's a update on the Koigu scarf. First of all, I love it and have worn it almost every day. But do you see how one side (the right) is nice and scallopy and the other, not so much? Apparently, I just read the cast on and chart part of the directions, and went to town. I looked through the directions for some reason, after I was done, and read that you were supposed to knit it halfway, cast on and knit the other side, and kitchener them together in the middle. Well, it would have made for a nicer edge on that left side, but in this case, I believe that "finished is better than perfect", as has recently been discussed here (October 5th).

One front and the back of Willow has been blocked and waiting:

And to combat the boredom of sleevedom, I decided to knit both sleeves at the same time. Which is more knitting than knitting a whole back, but then at least, I'd be DONE. I've tried knitting 2 sleeves at the same time before, and it is confusing. Especially if you stop in the middle. If you stop in the middle, you might pick it up and not know which way you're supposed to go; thus you can end up knitting more rows on one sleeve or the other. So I pinned the sleeves together in the middle, and tried to knit all the way across without having to put it down.

I also used markers religiously, the row of markers on the left below, are counting the 8 rows between cable crosses, and the 2 on the right are marking the intervals between increases. If I didn't know which sleeve I was on, I compared the markers on the 2 sleeves, to see which sleeve had less rows:

It worked out pretty well, and now the sleeves are done, and blocked:

And ready to be sewn today!

Meanwhile, I could have started the front band or the belt, but I was so sick of knitting that black yarn, and a sock didn't appeal either. I could be starting some Christmas knitting, but.....then I read this post about stealth knitting. That was exactly what I needed!

I've been wanting to make the Purl Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. This is leftover Manos, plus one ball of Kid Silk Haze and one ball of angora (both of which I got last year, for baby booties that never happened.) I ran out of the angora and have to wait until I get a chance to run out and get another. I will say that this was the most soft, luxurious, and wonderful scarf I have ever made, and there will be more of these in the future. Using Manos and mohair, the color combinations would never get boring.

Stealth knit, highly recommended.

Have a great day, and don't forget your Survivor predictions.
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Blogger Sneaksleep said...

Oooh, that scarf looks luscious. I may have to do some stealth knitting myself. I'm *really* getting tired of not knitting anything for *me*!

12:27 PM  
Anonymous carla said...

Okay, so I'm going out to dinner tonight and can't even pretend to not watch!
It's a wine dinner so I am not even sure I will knit when I get home! Yikes!

12:29 PM  
Anonymous Jan said...

Bobby Jon. And, if I can get my act together in the next hour or so, mittens. I think.
(Wow! You've been productive this week!)

5:38 PM  
Blogger Lauren said...

My apartment's internet has been out all day (I'm currently in a campus computing cluster). Damn. I was on a roll!

10:20 PM  

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