Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sophie's Toes Fashion Show

Hey Friends!

It was so busy in August with the start of school that I never gave a report on Stitches Midwest.  I was a vendor there for my third year, and the nicest thing about doing a show several times is getting to know the customers. 

I had several people stop in my booth wearing their Sophie's Toes creations, and I wanted to share the handwork of these talented ladies! 

I am so thrilled when someone wears something to a show that they have made with my yarn.  I know that when I pick out a garment to wear to a knitting event, I pick out one of my bestest, most favorite things, so I know that these ladies love these F.O.s and I'm so happy that I could be a part of it!

First up, we have Mary Ellen, looking so pretty in her Wingspan made with a Magic Ball in Monet's Garden.  That color was popular last year--I actually had three customers the first day all wearing shawls from Monet's Garden, and all different! 
Next came the talented Gwen, who used two different Magic Balls for her Gee's Bend baby blanket adaptation.  She used Hollyhocks and Pastel Baby.  So cute! 

Phyllis is a friend with whom I knit on a regular basis, and let me tell you, Phyllis is a master.  Phyllis is Knitting Yoda.  I wish I had a closer photo of this shawl, made with a six pack and an extra skein (the dark purple at the edge is an extra skein).  She rocked Stitches in this masterpiece.

And just when everyone was totally dragging on Sunday, in steps the lively and effervescent Karen, with her (Go Blackhawks!) shawl made with a Six-Pack.  The pattern came from the book Sock Yarn Shawls by Jen Lucas, which is on my to-do list, because apparently all the patterns are for shawls made of sock yarn (why, how convenient!) and many of them are possible to adjust to the amount of yarn that you have, which I love.  Who doesn't want to use up every last bit of hand-dyed goodness?

Also, (according to our Karen) the author gives very good instructions about how to adjust them--add extra rows in section x--for example, which takes all the math and science out of figuring out how to do it and lets your brain do other things.  Like remember to pick up your kids from school.

So in case you haven't checked it out lately, I added a thread on the Sophie's Toes Ravelry group just for Magic Ball finished projects, and another for Six-Pack finished projects.  Please check it out and post your own finished lovelies! 


Blogger Auntea said...

I bought Chagall from you at Stitches Midwest and made a shawl just like your sample. I gave it as a gift right away and the recipient was thrilled. I need to get a picture of her in it.

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