Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Spooky Shop Update

Etsy shop update tonight!  I'll have pretty fall colors (above) as well as a special collection of spooky Halloween yarn (below): 

Midnight and Snowy Owl go together like birds of a feather!

Tiger--not technically Halloween but the colors look great for the season!

Mmmm.......Candy Corn

(Gretl was the first person to make socks from this yarn back in 2008...she even found cute Candy Corn buttons for embellishment!)

Dracula is very handsome.

New for 2013:  Zombie!  I have to admit, this is a little out of my comfort zone--I am not a fan of Zombies.  But my husband and teenage son egged my on....and I am very happy about this turned out.  Pale green, white, black and a little red-it isn't pretty.  It is very Zombie.

Details of update:  8 p.m. Central time, Tuesday October 15th, www.emilyparson.etsy.com


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