Monday, February 17, 2014

The "Spring Fever" Shawl Club

I would like to announce: the first Sophie’s Toes Sock Yarn club!

This club, the "Spring Fever" Shawl club,  is devoted to beautiful spring colors to help everyone banish those winter blues!  All three months of color selections will be pale to deep pastels in a sophisticated color palette. 

You can sign up for one month, two months, or three months.  Read on for details:
Month One, March:  “Winter Thaw”

Colors:  blues and purples, similar to the preview photo shared on the Ravelry group and Instagram (I'm emilyquilts on Instagram).
The yarn:  5 skeins of superwash merino, 175 yards each, each a different color, for a total of 875 yards.  All five skeins will include blues and purples and all will be variegated, no solids.  I envision making a large lace shawl, knitting with the first color, when that runs out, going to the next color, and so forth.  The colors will blend for a beautiful watercolor effect. 

Possible patterns you could use(medium to large shawls) :  Travelling Woman, The Elder Tree Shawl, Charlotte’sWeb, The Flower Basket Shawl, Holden, Citron, Faraway So Close.  These are just some of the choices to give you an idea.

Cost:  $70 includes US and Canadian shipping.  This selection will ship on March 17th.

Month Two, April:  “Moss and Petals” 

Colors:  Mossy greens, and pinks
The Yarn: one Magic Ball, which is 15 colors, approximately 10 grams (35 yards) each, tied together and wound into a cake.  525 yards total. As you know the Magic Ball is a Sophie’s Toes specialty!  This one is an exclusive new color of Magic Ball that will not be released to the public until Stitches Midwest, August 2014.
Possible patterns (small to medium shawls) :  Hitchhiker, Lintilla, Wingspan, Trillain, Moody Kerchief, Citron, Azzu's Shawl.  Any shawl that is basic (the color does all the work here, so you don’t need lace or a lot of stitch detail) and is adjustable, allowing you to use any and all of the yardage you have, will work great!
Cost $45 includes US and Canadian shipping.  This selection will be shipped on April 21th.

Month Three, May:  "Garden and Sky”

Colors:  aqua and teal with highlights of other pretty (deep) pastels.

Two coordinating skeins of 100% Merino, superwash sock yarn, one solid and one variegated, 350 yards each.

Potential patterns (medium to large shawls):  Ceniza Shawlette, Aestlight, Ruffle My Feathers, Flamboyan, Faberge, MaragonCameo, Holden, Halfmoon Shawl.  I am in love with the type of shawl that has a garter stitch triangle or crescent, with a big lace border or ruffle.  This would be great to use the variegated yarn for the garter and the solid for the border.
Cost $55 includes US and Canadian shipping.  This selection will be shipped May 26th.

Sign ups start Thursday, February 20th at 8am Central time and will close on Sunday February 23rd.(or will close sooner if all the slots are filled.)
To sign up, just send me an e-mail (Emily at emilyquilts dot com) OR a Ravelry message indicating:  your name, the email address that you use for paypal, and which months you are choosing.  I will send you a paypal invoice within 24 hours for the total.  I will use the shipping address in paypal unless you indicate that it should be a different address.

You are able to choose any amount of months that you would like.  There is a $5 discount on the total if you choose 2 months, and a $10 discount on the total if you choose 3 months.  (So for instance, if you pick March only, it is $70.  If you pick March and May, it is $70 +$55 - $5 discount = $120.  And if you pick all 3, it is $70 + $45 +$55 - $10 discount =$160.)
What’s included?  What you will get is the yarn as described for a shawl.  It will come beautifully packaged with a small something extra.  The pattern you decide to use is up to you, and is not included.  I will have listed on the Ravelry group many suggested possibilities.
Which brings me to….we will have a knitalong!  On the Ravelry group.  it will start as soon as the packages arrive.  There will be 3 separate KALs, and a prize for each one, to be chosen from completed projects.

Returns:  due to the exclusive put-ups and/or  colorways of these yarns and kits—I am sorry that I am unable to accept returns.  I have tried to give as much of a hint about the colors while still shrouding it in some mystery!  I understand that the nature of clubs is the fun element of surprise, but that also means that some participants could be disappointed.  Due to the no return policy, please make sure that you choose carefully!  I believe that if you like Sophie’s Toes yarn, and you like sophisticated pale and deep pastel spring colors, you will be happy!  I am very excited about this!  Please join me for some fun spring knitting! 



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