Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Project That Doesn't Have Anything To Do With Christmas

How's everybody hanging in there? I am experiencing the usual holiday rollercoaster: times of magic and joy alternating with being completely overwhelmed. But it's all good! I think we are hitting our groove, just in time for school to be out and the fantastic 24 hour non-stop baking and crafting to begin, my favorite part.

Since I don't have much knitting or sewing (that I can show you) how about a photo of a project that's for me......that's for.....someday. January something.
This sweater is one of my best ever thrift store scores. (I would totally wear it if it were my size.) But I'm going to felt it. I want to make a tote like the ones in Alterknits. You can see them here. Well, not really like those because I'm going to use the handles above. And line it. And make it a different shape. You get the picture.

The handles are Grayson E. leather handles that I first saw here. I asked my LYS owner if she was planning on carrying them, and she ordered some! (Thank you Lesley, you rock.) Now don't everybody run out to Wool and Company and buy them up, I still have my eye on the black ones!


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