Thursday, February 10, 2005

Got Yoke?

My mom has been here all week, which is why there has been no blogging going on. Lots of knitting though! Here is Mariah as of last night; I finished the yoke.

A few days ago Leslie asked how I was enjoying the pattern. I like this a lot! So far the pattern has been very well written. I have looked around blogland at some that others are doing, and it seems that people had issues with making the sleeves too long, because they thought the repeats were all supposed to be done before you attached the sleeve to the body, when in fact they were continued on the yoke. I bypassed that part, just because I have short arms and always calculate how long arms are going to be, so I can see if I need to shorten them. (After years of turning up 1-2" cuffs on store-bought sweaters, I am thrilled to have sleeves that fit!)

The sweater is just the kind I like, some easy stockinette, some challenging cables.

I am concerned about the width of the neck at this point, as I begin the hood. You can't really tell from the photo, but it is about 40" around at this point, and I'm starting the hood. It just seems really, really wide. I already had reservations as I read the pattern, that there was no bind off at the neck/pick up for the hood to stablize this area. I just have a feeling that this will be too stretchy, and the hood will pull everything back and I'll be tugging in down in front. I've googled and can't find anyone who's knitting it and is finished, or this far along.

But, I have been known to be wrong! And it sure looks great in the pattern picture. My plan of attack when I'm questioning the pattern is to go ahead and try it the way it is written. So, I will forge ahead and be mentally prepared to rip back if it doesn't turn out. I would even be happy with a crew neck sweater with no hood, because it looks great! (I have resigned myself to the fact that it is never going to look great in a blog photo until it is blocked.)

This is one of my favorite batches from our dye day last Saturday. The paler part on the top right is glare from the sun, it is all deep saturated purpley navy.

Believe it or not, the deep blue yarn used to be this! This batch wins the award for most dramatic difference.

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Blogger alison said...

Wow, Mariah looks gorgeous. It looks so much lighter in color and weight that it's really delightful. Are you using a different yarn? Whatever it is, it's a great choice for that design.

2:59 PM  
Blogger Connie said...

Say Hi to Mom for me. Will I see her in Paducah? Or Chicago? Cathy and I are going to both this year.

10:28 AM  

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