Saturday, May 14, 2005

Week in Review

Busy. Birthday. Week.

Last week I distractedly cast on a bunch of new projects. This week I buckled down and finshed up old ones.

I started out the week all fired up. Sewed this skirt from a pattern I picked up at Hancock's of Paducah this year, and fabric from Hancock's of Paducah, from last year, nicely aged in my stash. (It was originally for a maternity top--kinda missed that boat.)

Paired with a tee shirt courtesy of Old Navy and Koigu courtesy of LYS, I have the potential here for a cute, co-ordinated, outfit, whoo-hoo.

And here's a close-up of the skirt print and the Koigu. I intend to cast on a lacey scarf, I'm going to try one of the ones from Interweave Knits Spring '00, page 44, A Scarf of Your Very Own.

What else? How about a finished Sitcom Chic?! I ripped off the first front band after it rolled mercilessly, and just made a narrow garter stitch band, which looks fine. I had to shorten the sleeves by cutting, carefully unraveling a row, and adding new yarn and knitting the ribs down. I am now learning that Cotton-Ease (all cotton?) grows, as this sweater is now a couple inches longer than originally intended, and I might at some point do the same shortening process to the body.

But I love it and have already worn it twice!

Continuing the finishing frenzy, I put the zipper in my Mariah, and finished fusing a big new quilt top. (No pictures, bear with me, I thought those deserved their own entries.)

On Tuesday, my mom and sister came to visit in honor of the big event, my birthday. They helped ease me over the hump of the mid-late-thirties (37) into the full-fledged-late-thirties (38). Honestly, having been 38 for a few days now, it is really good. So good in fact, that I think I might just stay 38 for a few more years.

Allison, my mom, and me.

Wednesday (the birthday day) my fellow May lambs came over for our annual birthday celebration. Here we have Ann, Laura, sister Allison, Melody, and Frieda. (Kindly ignore children in background creating havoc throughout.)

We ate, laughed, exchanged presents, and of course, showed art. Here is Frieda admiring Melody's wonderful gift to all of us, a beautiful piece of hand-dyed silk, dyed by her wonderful self.

Here is Ann showing her newest quilt. Ooh, Ahh!

Then, Thursday, it was the inevitable pilgrimage to as many yarn/fabric/craft stores as a car-full of small children would allow. With me in the driver's seat, Allison acting as navigator, and ever patient mom in the back of the van with the wild indians, we set sail in the western suburbs, land of fabric and yarn, in search of the elusive discontinued Cotton Ease #144, Sugar Plum.

Many miles from home, it was the third big box fabric and craft store we had found. Even pacified with sticker books and bagels, the natives were getting restless. I decided to sit this one out, and let my sister go in to scout. She took in 3yo Molly, to investigate some fabric and glance by the yarn. When she came out the door, she didn't wave me in, so I assumed it was a bust. But as she neared the car, she leaned down to Molly and I heard her say "go tell Mommy: We hit the jackpot! They have the Sugar Plum!"

And its a good thing I overheard that, because Molly opened the door and proclaimed "its crackerjack Mommy, and (insert unintelligble 3yo speak here) sugar plum" and I would have had a heart attack waiting while trying to translate that, knowing it had something to do with sugar plum.

Anyway, I scored enough pristine Sugar Plum Cotton Ease to make this sweater, that I've wanted to make for a long time.

Sophie is fascinated with the elusive Sugar Plum.

See what I mean about being 38? It's all good.
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Blogger Tres said...

What a fabulous birthday week!

I can't wait to see you decked out in that outfit with the lace scarf. You did a beautiful job with the skirt, and the Sitcom Chic.

Thanks for posting the cute pic of Al, Mom + yourself. Next time, throw a few more jars and mugs into the foreground!

11:55 AM  
Blogger Andi said...

Thanks for sharing the Sitcom Chic. Now I know it is the eeevil yarn, not my knitting (mine ended up longer too!) Congrats on your show, wish I lived closer.

6:33 PM  

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