Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Stitches: The Lowdown

What I Wore:

The VK Lace Trimmed Bolero that I just finished. I have decided three things. 1/ It definitely needs a couple of tiny buttons to keep it in closed and in place. I found myself fiddling with the front a lot. 2/ I don't have the right clothes to wear with it. I wore it with a black tank and black pants, because that was all I have. It needs a lacy white camisole and jeans, to look like something out of a magazine. Oh yeah, and liposuction. 3/ I want the longer sleeves, good thing I have a ball leftover!

Who I Saw:

Aside from the few vendors I'm acquainted with: the delightful folks at Wool and Co. and the lovely Marilyn from Black Water Abbey, I just saw one other knit-bud the whole day. It was Gretl, and thank the Lord that she made it, since we have all been a little concerned that she doesn't have enough yarn.

She was stylin in a beautiful aqua poncho/wrap/stole of her own design and accompanied by her sister and daughter. (Sorry for the lack of photo, I was too hungry and glazed over at the moment of meet-up to remember I had my camera with me.)

So I'm driving home, totally buzzed on yarn, and I call to ask my darling, kid-crazed husband if I should pick up a pizza, and, get this, a woman answered! A woman. Okay, so the voice was familiar, but this was totally unexpected. While I was out gallivanting with yarn, was my husband taking up with some non-knitting hussie?

Nope, it was Melody! In spite of my best coaxing, earlier in the week, Mel had declined an exciting trip to Stitches because of a pressing date to buy yarn at Goodwill. Then, being in the neighborhood, they had dropped by to show my Dave THE CAR.

Here I thought I had left Yarn Wonderland and was coming home to a crazed husband, dirty and hungry children, and no one to appreciate my Stitches Bounty. But no! Knitting friends! The buzz continues! Of course, it is a little unsettling to have a friend drop by unannounced when a tornado has gone through your house and left hundreds of crushed crackers and a strange smell. But I waved my magic wand (had two beers) and forgot about it.

Here is Mel, frogging her silk Goodwill sweater:

What a wonderful end to the day, to sit and knit with a friend and show her my stuff. Which brings me to what you all want to know:

What I Bought.

On my list:
Bryspuns, in a few sizes I needed.
Patterns, especially for a shawl
600 yards of DK weight yarn for the lacy pink scarf from the IK Summer 05 issue

Mission Accomplished:
Bryspun needles, including the new circulars

Three shawl patterns from Two Old Bags

Two patterns (casual jean-jackety sweaters) from Black Purl and one beautiful pie-wedge shawl from Blue Moon Fiber Arts.

Yarn for the pink IK scarf/shawl. Five balls of Rowan Cashsoft DK.

Three balls of Misti Alpaca laceweight for this Two Old Bags shawl. (Yes, I am feeling ambitious.)

Beautiful "natural black" (dark brown) alpaca for this more casual pattern.

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Anonymous Jan said...

Emily, you are so funny! Sounds like the trip was great. I'm squinting here to get the skinny on those shawl and sweater patterns. Looks like some good posts to come!

9:12 PM  
Blogger Katy said...

Ooh, I'm so envious--I've never been to a Stitches market. (Not that I need more yarn, of course...but you understand.) It looks like you have some fun knitting projects ahead!

10:18 PM  
Blogger Mrs. Mel said...

Thanks for including me in your blog. I am thrilled that you could use me and The CAR as blog fodder! heehee.
We had a WUNDERBAR time visiting you and can't remember any crumbs or funny smell AT ALL. You are a darling! Love the Yarn and patterns of course, way more ambitious than me...Bohemian Knitter that I am.

7:02 AM  

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