Friday, July 15, 2005

The Sock Situation

You may have noticed, when I get overwhelmed by the amount of projects I have going, I tend to cast on a new sock. So, I usually have a few unfinished socks lying about. These are the three current socks. The first one is light grey/denimy blue/dark grey Opal, and has been in-progress for a few months. The green one (the only second sock of the bunch) is a evergreen with other neutrals thrown in Koigu, also OTN for a few months. The pink one is a beautiful pink with melon colorway that reminds me of Campari and orange juice, that I just started a couple of days ago. (Don't mind the weird bulginess of the pink one, it's being modeled by an empty toilet paper tube.)

The thing I have just noticed, is that I really only like wearing dark, neutral socks, and I only like knitting brightly colored socks. Hmm.

In finishing news, here's my list:

1/ Weave in ends on pink wrap and decide whether or not to sew it together into a poncho/faux wrap thingie.

2/ One ball to go on the never-ending pink baby blankie.

3/ One sleeve to go on the Rowan Cash Cotton bolero (pink).

4/ Button bands on the Miss Bea sweater.

I feel a photo shoot coming on! If you don't like pink, consider yourself warned!

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Blogger Mrs. Mel said...

OCHdulieber! I think there could be a new craze starting from your sox fotos. Knitted wine bottle cozies!

6:32 AM  

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