Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Should be Cleaning

My dear friend Tracey is coming tomorrow. Dear friend. The kind of friend who knows all your deep dark secrets, hypothetically, that is, if you had any (Hi Honey!).

Tracey started knitting three years ago when I gave her a refresher while vacationing in Florida. She has knit like mad since then, and (can you tell I'm so proud of her) not just scarves and blankies either. It took me five years to go beyond the rectangle, but not this girl, she's made quite a few sweaters.

The only thing is, none of them fit. So, she is here for five days, she is bringing a large suitcase filled with ill-fitting knitwear (and one quilt) and I get to play Knitting (and quilting) Doctor!

I am really excited! We will do all the crafting that 4 small children will allow! I hope that she will agree to be the subject of my blog for a few days.

So, when I could/should/would be making sure the bathroom is relatively bacteria free, or that the clutter is shoved in a corner so they have a place to lay their heads, I am doing this:

Obsessing about what I will knit for the next five days.

While I was organizing my projects, I thought it might be blog-worthy to pile them on the table and take a picture.

On the left, we have almost-finished projects. Yes, I have been in a finishing frenzy, but when you're finishing about six things at a time, it takes a while. In the middle are marathon projects, and on the right are things I'm dying to cast on.

Let's have a closer look, shall we:

The almost-finished side. Yes, I do like pink, but honestly, I don't know where all these pink projects came from. It's like my brother-in-law, who got three male gerbils from the pet store, left them with my in-laws while he went to Germany for several weeks, and now they have twenty two. Well, maybe not really like that, but that story has been freaking me out for a couple of days now, and I knew I had to work it into the blog somehow.

Clockwise, from the top: baby blankie knitted, but awaiting satin ribbon binding, raspberry wrap ready to be sewn into a faux-wrap poncho-y thing, navy blue dress for 3yo I found lurking in my closet that just needs armhole and neckbands, pink sock finished (well, it needs three ends woven in, but I could still wear it like that, so I call it finished), pink Miss Bea sweater that is still buttonless, VK lace trimmed bolero that may not be very flattering on me so it's languishing, and green Koigu sock within an hour of being done.

Here in the middle we have three marathon projects. The Opal Sock, the white Goa cable and eyelet pullover, and Rowan "Hush" sweater from the Calmer Collection.

On the right: the projects I'm dying to cast on. From the top: burgundy Misti Alpaca for the Teva Durham turtleneck shrug, green Nature Cotton for a bag I'm test knitting for Bruxknits, pink Kid Silk Haze (thanks to this blog, my brain synapses have forever linked pink and gerbils) for the Kiri Shawl, multi pink-blue-tan Lorna's Laces knee-high socks for 3yo, baby socks (to match the baby blankie) and Rowan Handknit Cotton for a tiger sweater (Zoe Mellor) for 5yo.
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Blogger Tres said...

I can't wait to hear all about Tracey's visit!

10:09 PM  
Anonymous Anna said...

I just found your blog via a.j. (smallhands), and what a treat!! I'm especially happy to read that someone else puts crafting about cleaning. life is just too short and projects too plentiful to worry about where on earth that scrub brush might be... Happy knitting!

12:58 PM  

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