Thursday, June 30, 2005

Back from L.A.

Apparently a few people were concerned that after my trip to L.A. I would want to run away and join the circus (I mean, join the "entertainment industry.") Was it the wild look in my eye when I returned? The fact that I told my family you may now refer to me as "The Talent"? The fact that friends are now diagnosing me as suffering from the post-production blues?

Fear not, gentle readers, I have no intention of running away to the land of giant flowering trees and perpetual sunshine. I am quite content here at home with my dried-out garden and my family, and wish to be nothing other than wife, mother, and knitting-obsessed freak.

I have no intention of becoming a professional craft-show guest.

I had the most totally rockin' time. The people were fantastic. The work was sometimes stressful, but it was also really fun.

For the most part, the shooting went smoothly. I did have one deer-in-the-headlights moment, at the end of the day (8:45 p.m. my time, just for the record.) My segment was last of the three, so I had to sit there and watch the other two rehearse and shoot their segments, while experiencing the rise and subsequent crash of a Starbucks buzz. Then, there were a couple of last minute changes in my script, which made me confused. I messed up twice, right off the bat. I felt horrible, and I nearly lost it. (i.e. started crying in front of several grown cameramen.)

Then I saw the panicked look in the stage managers eyes as he gave me a huge toothy smile and told me I was going to be GRRRRRRRRRREAT. We had to finish my segment, shoot the fourth segment of chit-chat with the host, and wrap in less that half an hour when the studio closed and we got locked out of the building. Keep-it-together, Keep-it-together, Keep-it-together. I prayed, HARD, and it worked. I've always known that God is with me everywhere, but I have to admit I was a little surprised to find Him hanging out with me in a television studio in downtown Burbank.

Meanwhile, I did get quite a bit of knitting done. I knit a lot on the set and used the "Just call me Julia Roberts" line on anyone unlucky enough to be nearby.

I finished the Coffee Bean sleeve and started the front.

Made a front and a back for the Miss Bea sweater.

And, continuing the pink theme, I started a lace wrap with new yarn.

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Congrats on getting through it!!

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