Thursday, September 15, 2005


(Absent, Due to Garage Sale Prep)

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. Who knew a garage sale would be so much work?! And worry?! (Will people show up, will they like my stuff, will they laugh at my junk) And teariness?! (Awww, he was so cute in that....awww, I remember when she wore that....)

But don't worry, all the dusty baby gear will go on hold for one hour tonight; I wouldn't dare miss the beginning of reality-show-knitting-season!

Somebody needs a button band.

Tune in next week for your regularly scheduled knitting programming.

Meanwhile, go check out my sisters FABULOUS HATS. My talented sis Allison has finished her website and it is spectacular!!!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8:02 AM  
Anonymous Jan said...

So much to comment on! Garage sales..ugh. Had a huge one before we moved. It WAS emotional. But realize now I could have (should have) gotten rid of more. Good luck.
Love the sweater (so far)...and the blocking! I'm all about blocking this week!
I'm almost starting to get concerned that I'm SO looking forward to tonight's season premiere. Telling myself it's because of the dismal summer programming. (Yeah, right.)
Your sister's hats are great! Remind me of those floral bathing caps of my youth. (60's)

10:25 AM  
Blogger Deborah said...

You remind me I must do some stitching on my fiber pieces while watching the premier of Survivor tonight. No more just sitting on my butt eating Dairy Queen sundaes while watching Rock Star INXS. Must multitask.

3:56 PM  
Anonymous Keely Phelps said...

Hey Emily,
I love your site. It's fun to read another knitting addict's experiences. I did go to Thread Bear on Labor Day. Great store! I bought some great stuff and have way too many projects on my plate. Your contest sounds fun, however, I'm not a Survivor watcher. How 'bout an Apprentice contest?

9:36 AM  
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