Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The True Purpose of a Blog

Remember the photo of Little Miss Scissorhands? (Scroll down to November 3rd entry.) Yesterday she was sitting next to me as I wrote my blog, and she was "crafting". She asked me for glue. I said no. So in true MacGyver fashion, she found some contraband lotion, and completed her work of art.

Somehow, I find this disturbing. On the other hand, next time I'm in need of glue, and don't have any on hand, nor chewing gum, I'll just reach for the lotion.

Later that day, she came asking for more paper, and I noticed this:

The new "shag" haircut.

And so, I have discoverd the true purpose of blogging. It distracts you into taking pictures and thinking up amusing (hopefully) commentary when you really should be crying.

What?! You're here for content?! As if I could distract you from the fact that I have no progress to show on Willow, with stories of lotion and haircuts.

Actually, I did cast on a sock. With yarn that I dyed during our dye day back in February. (This is actually the skein I have pictured in the steamer.) Why did I wait so long? This is wonderful stuff! And with Christmas bearing down on me like a freight train, what I really need to be doing is dabbling in more stuff for me.

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Blogger Favorite Apron said...

When my daughter was 2.5 yrs old and had beautiful below-shoulder length white-blonde hair with curls, her 5 yo brother cut it down to the scalp. He was just playing "barber shop!"

Hide the scissors.

2:04 PM  
Blogger K said...

two weeks before my wedding, my 6 year old neice (and flower girl)SHAVED her eyebrows, cause her fathers senile grandmother gave her a bad haircut. (yeah, i dont' get the logic either. But since she's white as a ghost, and has blonde hair, no one knew. But man, I laughed my ass off.

hide the razors too. ;)

2:49 PM  
Blogger Katy said...

Oh my. You have one, um, innovative girl there. Which may serve her well as a grown-up...but which may make your life rather difficult for a while. ;)

6:01 PM  
Anonymous carla said...

LOVE that yarn! Cute haircut!

9:45 PM  
Anonymous Jodee said...

My daughter did this one year down to the scalp in some spots - all the preschool Moms took the scissors away from their kids - they didn't want Lindsay to be a trendsetter! She looked great in short hair though.

8:22 AM  
Anonymous Jodee said...

Checking in for survivor voting - I think Judd will be gone this week. I will be knitting a fair isle hat!

4:30 PM  
Anonymous Jan said...

We escaped the self-inflicted haircuts, somehow!
Logic would dictate Gary's going tonight, but I think he'll save himself again. I vote Jamie. And I'll be finishing a gift scarf. (Hopefully!)

5:17 PM  
Anonymous carla said...

Won't be watching - but will be knitting, Yoga socks and Gnomes and christmas hats!

7:22 PM  

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