Thursday, October 22, 2009

This is Where I've Been

I've spent most of the last 3 weeks getting ready for Yarn Con. While most of the world was at Rhinebeck last weekend, a few hardy souls stayed in Chicago and had a great time at Chicago's own celebration of the yarny arts.

It has been several months since I did a show and I forgot how much fun it is. It really is a whirlwind being a vendor. Beforehand--it is so much crazy work getting ready--and stressful getting the car loaded and worrying that you will forget something, and then getting the booth set up in an hour--and then, boom. You are all ready and the knitters are there and it is so fun to spend a day meeting people and seeing all the great things they are wearing and talking knitting! Love you guys.

Here is one of my favorite photos, taken from the balcony above. Hi Mom and Jamie!

That's my knit-bud Jamie, who bravely agreed to get up very early and be my assistant. I wish I had a better photo of her Shoalwater shawl in Fall Mums, because it is stunning! Yay, Jamie!

My mom went with me also and was a big help! Here is mom stepping up to the red carpet...."why mom, what are you wearing?"
"Well, Emily, it's a garter stitch scarf in Sophie's Toes sock yarn color: Magical, with multicolor flowers stitched on."
"Wow, Mom, do those have bobbles in the center?"
"Why, yes they do!"
Way to go, Mom! Her first bobbles! And she looked great!
Of course I brought the much loved Candy Corn display.

Here's a view, again from the balcony, of the other side of the room. Yarn. Yarn. Yarn. Oh, and lest I forget, bags. Bags. Bags.

Here is my "Christmas" basket. Yes, it looks dark (as do most of the photos) because I was in a fairly dark spot. I was across the room from last year and the lighting wasn't as good. I had an Ott light in my car, but there wasn't any electricity on my side of the room. A battery operated Ott light or two is on my list of supplies for next time. Live and learn!

I have made numerous improvements to my booth, since last time, here's the list:

1. I love my sign from Kinkos.

2. Mom found me the mannequin (Belinda) at a yard sale, thanks Mom.

3. I invested in some cubes (see top photo) which are a *&^%# to put together (love you, Jamie) but are great for showcasing the yarn. As Jamie and I were putting them together the morning of the show, and cursing, we were laughing at how our 9 year old lego and bionicle building whiz-kid sons could probably put them together in a flash. I guess I need to add that to my supplies list: 2 9-year-old boys.

4. I've invested in a credit card machine and propay account, so I can now take credit cards at shows.

5. And, I've knit about a million samples. Well, maybe not quite that many but I can safely say that I will remember summer 2009 as "Summer of Samples".

In summary: Yarn Con rocks. Honk if you were at Yarn Con!

In other knitting news, I finished the last square for my Barn Raising Blanket on Tuesday. Here are the last four. Clockwise from top left: Holly, Table for Two with a Layers of Color Dark Teal in the center, Holly with Cosmopolitan in the center, and Just a Small Gathering of Friends. I realized, just in the nick of time, that I didn't have any squares in my Dye for Glory color. So that was my very last one, and probably my favorite.

So here they are, all 49 squares! It doesn't look that big, does it--but that is 2 years of work. Suggestions on how to block a lot of squares at once, would be very welcome right about now!


Anonymous Julie aka BoogaJ said...

It was great meeting you at YarnCon and I love the yarn I purchased (Pumpkin Spice). I haven't been able to put it down and already have one fingerless mitten knit.

11:34 AM  
Blogger Laura Wasilowski said...

Wow Em! The booth looks great and I love your displays. (Mel and I called our mannequin Babette. She was a naughty girl!)

11:59 AM  
Blogger the nest said...

YarnCon looks like a bunch of fun! Your booth, of course, looks beautiful and inspiring. I would have loved to see the show and shop!

I'm jealous that you've finished your squares! I'm still at about 50% on my Barn Raising Quilt.

Thank you for the sample yarn in my order last week; it has already become a mini (there's a pic on my blog and on Ravelry). It was such a nice surprise and a great addition to the project! :)

8:03 PM  
Anonymous Jamie said...

Yarn Con was fun. A great first experience for me helping out a vendor instead of as a shopper :) Seeing everyone's projects was great. I have so many ideas for what I want to cast on in the future. Sandy's scarf was very pretty, the flowers really made it special. They were so cute in person!

8:37 AM  
Blogger Kay said...

Barn Raising Kits! Barn Raising Kits! 6-packs! 12-packs! Any kinda packs!

We non-sock-knitters are not going to stop demonstrating until Sophies Toes comes in Barn Raising Packs!

Militantly yours,

7:04 PM  
Blogger Earl said...

What fun you had! And Mom looked great! The candy corn display really made me smile :) See you soon!!! Woo Woo!!!

11:57 AM  

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