Friday, May 06, 2016


Happy Friday Peeps!

I just found out that a video of me talking about my Windy Quilt, filmed by the Quilt Alliance, has been posted to Youtube.  Hooray!  Now you can go see me talk for 2 minutes (and wave my arms around awkwardly exactly like my mom) about my inspiration and my process behind this quilt.

Click here to see it!

Thank you to the Quilt Alliance for saving these stories!

Here is one of the photographs I took last October that gave me the color inspiration for Windy. As I said in the video, the idea of capturing the tiny gold leaves had been marinating for a couple of years.  Often, if I have spent a lot of time with a quilt idea, the actual making of the quilt goes very quickly.  The question people ask me most often is:  "How long did it take you to make that?"

This quilt took me about a month to make.  I started by cutting hundreds (676 to be exact!) of 3 1/2" squares in various shades of turquoise.  I pinned them to my design wall in random order, using more light shades at the top and graduating to the darker shades towards the bottom.

Then I cut lots and lots of tiny leaves out of various shades of yellow and gold.  I arranged those in a swoosh, to give the impression that the wind was blowing them across the sky.

I am very happy with the way this quilt turned out.  I feel like it captures a beautiful October day in just the way I intended.  I was thrilled to get into Quilt Con 2016, and also the AQS show in Paducah.

I had a goal of publishing my own quilt patterns starting in 2016, and after I finished Windy, I decided that it was the perfect candidate for my first pattern.  In January, I made a smaller, slightly simplified version that would be suitable for a beginning quilter.

Meet Windy II

This quilt also uses 3 1/2" squares, but only has 324 instead of the original 676.  It finishes at 54" square, and the pattern has instructions for varying the size to any size you want.

Windy is available both as a paper pattern and as a PDF instant download.  You can buy the paper pattern in my etsy shop here:, and the PDF download is available on Craftsy here:  Windy on Craftsy.

More patterns are on their way!

Happy quilting! xoxo


Blogger Carla said...

Adore the video and the quilts!

5:35 PM  
Blogger Annedore said...

Dear Emily, what a joy to see you in front of your beautiful quilt ! - It's about nine years that you picked us up in Geneva, how time flies. Regards to your family, best wishes, hope to meet you all again some day. Hugs, Annedore

10:08 AM  
Anonymous Clipping Path Service said...

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