Saturday, February 12, 2005

Hood Progress

I'm closing in on the hood! Hoods are a serious committment to me. It's almost like knitting another (bleeping) back. I think "I'm almost done, I just have the hood", like its a collar or neckband, or something. Wrong-O!

But, now that I only have another couple of inches, I'm getting excited. I'm in the wonderful end phase where I'm so close that I love the project again. Full steam ahead!!!

A couple of people who's blogs I adore have visited the past few days! And left comments! First Leslie (see her Feb 2nd entry for super-cute felted bags), then Blue Blog Alison. To answer Alison's question about what yarn I am using, it is Brown Sheep Nature Spun worsted weight. Honestly, its a much more "ordinary" yarn than I ususally use, but I'm liking it just fine. And at $5.50 per ball, (and I got it at the Wool and Company sale for 40% off) I'm making this sweater for barely over $20. Gotta love that. I bought the yarn at the sale, just for love of the color (N64 Platt River Blue) without knowing what I would use it for, but within the day it was clear that it would be Mariah.

Thinking of what big project I might cast on is another picture of yarn from the dye day last weekend.

This brown is the "after."

And here's the "before". Believe It Or Not! Posted by Hello


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