Friday, March 04, 2005

So Close, and Yet So Far (Redux)

Ok, this is the second time with this sweater, that I have a post entitled "So Close, and Yet So Far". Not a good thing.

When I photographed the sweater for my last post, I thought I had about 8" done on the hood (of 14" total). When I sat down to start knitting again, and measured it, it was 10.5". Bonus! That's like finding a twenty in your coat pocket from last season!

So, I was fired up and I knit like crazy, finishing the hood last night. I want to show pictures, but I need to go out and get a new camera battery first. So, that's the "So Close" part of the story. Here's the "So Far":

Oops. Apparently ordering a zipper online from a color card on my computer monitor is not the way to go. These colors are pretty accurate, the zipper is much pinker than the sweater. I went to Joann's a couple of weeks ago, and the closest color (they only had one shade of lavendar) was much brighter than my yarn. I had heard good things about Zipperstop, and they have 3 shades of lavendar, so I thought I'd give it a try.

At first, I thought I was crazy to pay $6 for a zipper (with shipping), but when I realized that I'd pay double that for buttons for a sweater, I thought I'd give it a try. I could have sent a swatch of the yarn, but I was too much in a hurry and I thought I'd get lucky. Anyway, I am regretting that decision big time.

All I have left to do is steek it and sew in the zipper. I could be wearing this sweater tomorrow! I am going in search of zipper this afternoon, if I come up empty, I'll either mail order again or wait until I go to NYC in person in April.
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