Monday, May 16, 2005

Hourglass Progress

What's a three hour Survivor marathon good for?

Major progress on the Hourglass Sweater. (From Last Minute Knitted Gifts.)

I finished the first sleeve, attached it to the body, and tried it on. As much as you can try on a body knitted only up to the armpit. It looks good! I think. I am somewhat stuck in the late 80's when you wore big baggy clothing to camoflage your pear shape; wearing something to accentuate my pear shape with a name like hourglass is a novel idea.

Anyway, to recap: Finished sleeve. Attached to body. Tried on. Full steam ahead.


The situation is, that to obtain the yarn needed to finish the sleeve, not to mention the yoke and neck, I need to start ripping out this:

The previous half-knitted sweater-to-be. Clockwise from top: sleeve, right front, back and miscellaneous swatches. I still like it, even thought I know it is not meant to be. The plan was that since Hourglass was an experiment, I'd use the pristine skeins first, then rip the knitted pieces if it worked out. But I've frogged a whole finished-and-worn sweater with less work in it than these pieces.

Close up of the basketweave cable. Here is the sweater that I was making--the Aran Family cardigan near the bottom of the page, from Knitting the New Classics, by Kristin Nicholas. I still love it, and plan to use a smooth wool.

Anyway, time to R.I.P. At least I'm going to reclaim a boatload of stitch markers.
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