Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Feel the Love

I Love Knitting!

It's amazing what a week-long reduction in knitting time can do for your love of knitting. After a stressful summer and a bunch of just-ok projects, I am now feeling the love in a big way.

It's only been three days since the Garage Sale FH, (and I promise, this will be the last reference to the garage sale) and lookie what I have made!

The top sock is On Line, the bottom is Opal. Did I mention that somebody around here loves tigers? 44 and 48 stitch socks. Is there anything faster, cuter, more satisfying?!?!

Speaking of socks, I'm noticing something. It seems that when I am stressed or frustrated, I cast on a new sock. Here are the socks I have finished this summer.
I think it's time to buckle down and get these single girls married off!

And here's a newsflash: In my optimism that I will be getting to blog a little more these days, I am cooking up a *CONTEST*.

Tune in tomorrow, for the announcement of the little **NAME THE SURVIVOR KNITTING CONTEST** Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Carla Hibbard said...

I love a contest! Yes, I did march right in to W&Co and copy you and buy the sock yarn! -Carla

9:22 AM  

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