Saturday, September 17, 2005

Should've Been Knitting

I have learned a few lessons this week.

1. Emily + garage sale = disaster.

2. If you are having a severe drought in your part of the country, and the weatherman says "No rain for the next week," call me up to hold a garage sale in your driveway, and I guarantee: Rain.

3. I really REALLY like knitting.

So, last night, garage sale madness over, and hoping a little relaxation would ease the severe muscle cramp in my neck, (which possibly was worsened by the maniacal behavior of a dozen five year olds hopped up on cake and lemonade at a Chucky Cheese birthday party, I can't really blame it all on the garage sale) I cast on a little sock for my 3yo.

Look at this. Its half a sock. Granted, its for a 3yo, but still. Half a freakin sock. I forgot how much I usually knit, during those times that I'm not caught up in garage sale madness. And I do, really, LIKE to knit. If I had knit all week last week, instead of working my fingers to the bone getting ready for a cold rainy day to sit in my garage and wait for the people to not show up, I could have made, at least, 3 small socks.

So, to sum up. I am really really looking forward to my regular boring life this week. Driving the kids around, laundry, knitting. Seriously, fantastic.
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Anonymous Jan said...

I had that VERY yarn in my hand today and put it back. Bummer. It looks great knitted up!

12:36 AM  
Blogger Tres said...

Bummer about the garage sale. Good job with the sock, tho. I agree; haul it off to goodwill [or, better yet, get them to pick it up] and spend the rest of your time knitting!

If you must have a garage sale, the only way is to go in with the neighbors, and serve cocktails.

2:36 PM  
Anonymous your little sis said...

Hey Tres,
Forget the garage sale,
What about those fabulous hats?

6:16 PM  
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