Friday, September 23, 2005

French Market Bag

I'm sure some of you suspected that the mystery project was a French Market Bag. It's for my mom, who has really gone above and beyond the call of duty this year to come up and help me with the kids. She was here all last week, helping me with some pick-up/drop-off situations when I had to be in two places at the same time. She only reads my blog occasionally, when she is at a friend's house with a computer, and even if she does read this, she doesn't know what a French Market Bag is, anyway.

So I'm knitting away the past 2 nights, hoping to finish the bag for this weekend. I have the gnawing feeling....somethings not right.....somethings not right......I continue, feverishly.....

But you can only ignore that feeling so long when you are running out of yarn. I still have dozens of increase rows to go to get to the required 200 stitches, plus 10 more rows up the side of the bag, plus the accent on the strap, and I only have a few yards of my blue skein left.

I check my gauge. Ok, my gauge is way too loose. (I was knitting loosely on purpose so it would felt better, but I have gone overboard and am getting 15 st. instead of 18.) That must be the problem, so I rip.....

...almost to the beginning. I tighten up my gauge. I am stockinetting around like crazy, a couple more inches, when I decide something is definitly still wrong. What's up with the bowl shape?

This is supposed to be the FLAT bottom of the bag. Apparently I am knitting the French Market BOWL. I kept thinking, you really must have to block the heck out of this thing to get this to be flat. Duh! Checking the pattern, I discovered that I was completely ignoring 4 of the increases, every other row, thus the bowl.

Back to the beginning, AGAIN. I could have just subbed in the same picture from before, but I took a new one, with a different background, for variety. Nothing but quality here folks.

Here we go, two nights behind on the FMB, but at least my mom will be getting a bag, not a bowl.

In Survivor news: no-one scored last night, the field is still wide open! Anyone can still join. The Grande Prize is your choice of colorway of Fleece Artist sock yarn! And there will be another yet-unnamed prize sometime in the middle, for everyone who participates, TV watcher or not, so thanks for all your comments!

Lastly, see how pale and grey it was in Chicagoland this morning. This picture is for Sandy.

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Anonymous carla Hibbard said...

Oh you poor thing!

3:27 PM  
Blogger Sandysknitting said...

Pale and gray, maybe, but still beautiful! Thanks!

4:38 PM  
Blogger Tres said...

French Market Bag! Of course! I was going to guess 'fruit bowl' but lord knows she has enough of those!

12:30 AM  
Blogger Tres said...

ps I cannot participate in survivor as I work late those nights and havn't joined the modern world of TIVO yet. Never mind that there is a sad unused VCR sitting there under the tv.

All I am knitting these days is that darn sock, [get it? that darn sock hahaha] hoping to finish the pair by mid-october.

12:33 AM  
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