Monday, December 03, 2012

This is Where I Wanted to Show You Photos of an Adorable Baby with a Beautiful Quilt But Instead It's a Face Palm

So, merely hours after we last spoke, I finished the quilt top, and was contemplating the backing and binding colors.  It has a lot of pink, but other colors as well, and I thought that I might bring out one of the supporting colors in the binding.  I texted the mom, inquiring about the baby's favorite color. She texted back:  "Well, she's not really a pinky girl, her room has lots of colors, kinda vintage look with faded red, sage, yellow, and muted purple and blue.  She's probably partial to the purple.  

This is the moment of the face palm.

Yes, call me an idiot for not inquiring as to the color selection before making the quilt top.  I believe that is the usual order of things.  I just thought I knew this particular recipient well enough to charge ahead.  

So.  Scrap the previous quilt top (I believe it's going to be transformed into 11-year-old girl size and going to a very good home so no worries there!) and start over.  Just not in time for Thanksgiving.  Luckily I will see this family again at Christmas.  And luckier still, the Mom and Dad love me and are not concerned with deadlines.  

Baby quilt top--take two.  Remove pink (maybe leave just a teeeensy bit).  Change white background to cream.  Add more, red, sage green, purple.  Yes, it is still a bit bright.  But I am Emily, after all.  Backing and border to be purple.  Photos with cute baby to follow, eventually.


In other news:  last etsy shop update of the year tomorrow night, Tuesday, December 4th at 8pm Central time.  There will be Magic Balls.  Yay!


And finally, I recently did some blog housekeeping and found this post from last spring which for some reason, never got posted.  I thought it was appropriate since this week is big birthday boy week and I am about to have a TEENAGER in the house.  I'm so old.

Lost post entitled "It Is Fun to Have a Twelve Year Old Boy":

Photo taken at the Getty, November 2011 by Uncle Kenny

Conversation with a twelve year old boy:
Ethan:  "Mom, we have a 6th grade dance next Thursday and no siblings or parents are allowed."

Me:  "Yah, I know. I got an email. I signed up to be a chaperone. Parents are allowed if they sign up to chaperone."
Ethan : "Nooooooooo!"
Me:  "Yah, I can't wait to get out on the dance floor with my smooth moves" (insert cheesy disco moves here).
Ethan:  Buries face in pillows. "Noooooooooooooo!"
Me:  "Yah, I can't wait to ask you to dance!"
Ethan:  Dies a thousand deaths.
Me:  "And after I ask you to dance, I'm going to ask several of your friends!"
Ethan:  Finally realizes I'm kidding. Nevertheless, runs out of room screaming.


Blogger Renee Anne said...

Foul temptress! Tempting me with your sock yarns and your updates. I need no yarn! I haven't made anything with any of the yarn I've purchased from you over the course of the last three years (Knit In or Stitches Midwest). ::sigh::

I think that's going to change, though.

Also, I hope to have a conversation like that in about 10 years.

4:54 PM  
Anonymous Kris said...

I've had that same conversation. Now my almost 16 year old, still loves me but would prefer I didn't show up for certain events in which his friends are at!

I love your work! I found you as a knitter but your quilts have me yearning to go back to quilting, in big way!

7:29 AM  

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