Friday, February 18, 2005

A New Hope*

Here is Mariah in all her blocked glory. Technically, the only thing keeping her from completion is steeking, sewing in the zipper, and sewing down the garter stitch border around the hood and front neck. But, due to the baggy neck and hood (if you're just tuning in to the Mariah-saga, scroll down to my February 14th post) I would never wear her. If it weren't for Alison's February fix-a-thon, I probably would be putting this sweater in the closet until next fall, but I am challenged to forge ahead and make this the great wearable sweater I had believed it would be.

I have spent a few nights working on other projects, quilting, and figuring out my game-plan for my February-fix-up.

Here is the GRAND PLAN:
1. Rip back to where the cable ended at the top of the arm.
2. Continue the yoke with the raglan decrease about 2 inches beyond where I ended before (this will eliminate some of the extra fabric at the top where the hood attaches.)
3. Continue with the big cable, instead of switching to the cable/rib pattern as was on the cuffs .
4. Instead of the garter border at the front neck, do an inch of 2X 2 rib (this will bring the neck in a little more).
5. At the back neck, when I'm ready to begin the hood, bind off all stitches.
6. At the start of the hood, continue the cable across the hood, and pick up the stitches (maybe less than I bound off) across the back neck.

This is all theoretical, and I'll have to do some experimenting and see what I think when I get to each part. I hope to get started Sunday.

Meanwhile, I used my time off from Mariah to get out some WIPs. I had this Rebecca sweater from my Jan. 8th post halfway done (front and sleeve done.) I pulled that out and finished the other sleeve and am 1/3 of the way up the back. This is my first time knitting Rowan Cork, and I love it. It is so light and springy.

I also made a little progress on the 2nd green Koigu sock.

*In the hope that cheesey Star Wars references will keep my darling husband interested in the blog!

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