Monday, January 09, 2006

Brought to You by the Letter E and the Number 4

Just when I was trying to figure out what to write about; how to write a cohesive post out of all the mish mash I've been doing: I got tagged!

I’m behind in my blogreading, and I haven’t seen this meme with the theme of four, until I saw it this morning on Melody’s site. And *bonus*, if you can’t stand reading the personal crap, scroll down for actual knitting content!

Four Jobs You've Had: Assistant Designer and Technical Designer (garment district, NYC), Permanent Temp (for the City of St. Charles), and Sales Associate at Joann Fabrics (haven’t we all? Raise your hand if you’ve done that!)

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over: A Room With a View, Sense and Sensibilities, Pride and Prejudice (either version), Unbearable Lightness of Being. Two of my top four star Daniel Day Lewis. Coincidence? You decide.

Four Places You've Lived (Alternately titled: Which of These Things is Not Like the Other): NYC, West Philadelphia, Boston, Muncie (Indiana).

Four TV Shows you love to Watch: Survivor, Criminal Minds, Law and Order, Without A Trace.
Four Places You've Been on Vacation: Paris, London, San Francisco, L.A.

Four Websites You Visit Every Day: Fibermania, BeMused, Almost Felted, Soulemama, Chicknits (there are so many more, but these are my favorites that post every day or nearly every day).

Four Of Your Favorite Foods: Popcorn, guacamole, broccoli, turkey club sandwich with no mayo and a pickle (and chips).

Four Places You'd Rather Be: NYC, Paris, yarn store, any restaurant with adult conversation and no kids (bless their little hearts).

Four Albums You Can't Live Without: Indigo Girls, The Power of One Soundtrack, The Church-Starfish, ducking now, Showtunes: (just about any).

Four People You'll Pass This On To: Anyone who wants to play.


And it just so happens, I have (nearly) four socks finished since Christmas. The blue/grey Koigu is for my brother, in partial payment for some renovation plans he drew up for me while he was here for Christmas. The pink and red ones are Second Socks. Yay! So much more wearable than singles. The pink is Koigu. The red is my own handdyed. (Henry’s Attic Kona Superwash.) They are a little thicker than Koigu but still fine with shoes. And so soft. This is the same yarn I am going to dye for my Martha.

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Blogger Lauren said...

Guess what I received and wound today? :) Did you see the new castaways list?

8:32 PM  
Anonymous Jan said...

Ohmygosh...I feel so honored to be included in that group! And guilty that I didn't post today. :(
And all of those socks...they're gorgeous!

8:39 PM  
Blogger Tres said...

That's a mighty handsome blue + grey sock you've got gonin' on there!

What a lucky brother you have!

12:31 PM  
Anonymous Julia said...

I just read your last post.... about mariah? I was thinking that you could fix the ribbing that you don't like in a not-as-painful-way as ripping it out. First, undo the seaming from the start of the ribbing to the hem. 2nd, mark the know, email me and i'll explain it in length!

4:37 PM  

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