Friday, March 09, 2007

An Ode

Oh Knitty,
New Knitty,
Whyfore must you do this
to me?


I haven't even cast on my intended from the last one (or the one before that)! And here they come with some great new patterns. Can't. Keep. Up.

I have 3 sweaters that are more than half way done* and three more started**. That's too many even for this multiple-project-lovin chick. Must focus! Must finish 3 sweaters before casting on anything else. And now, the new Knitty springs up (get it?) and whacks me over the head with this. I love it! Simple, but interesting. And the collar is great. Very wearable! Seriously, I want to cast on TONIGHT!

Black Cotton Ease, Baby! Yes, my beloved black C-E, sitting there in my dark closet for so long, this is what you have been waiting for all your life!

What do you love from the new Knitty?


Ok people, about the comments. I have loved each and every one, but seriously, they have been most unhelpful. (I mean that in the nicest way.) The votes are all over the map, and, Mary Beth, dude, you even voted for something that wasn’t on the list! (hee hee). And my brother voted for himself and claimed that, if you add in all the people who said "see everything" that he won.

But I'm kidding! I loved the comments and thank you! It gave me an idea where to start. How about this: Ariann progress.

Here's where we left off. Love/Hate relationship. Love the pattern, knit on it....hate the yarn/put it down. Spend a few days or weeks questioning whether I should frog the whole thing and start over. Pack it up to return unused yarn to shop. Get it out again and look at it. Repeat cycle.
I finished the body up to the armholes and finally decided that it just wasn't working and it needed a time out til next fall when I could re-evaluate it with fresh eyes. But....I happened to be taking a workshop with Miss Chicknits herself (shout out to Bonne Marie!) and I brought it along to show her. She agreed about the time out, but she mentioned that she really liked it. I was concerned that the hairyness of the yarn was obscuring the pattern, but she and everyone else who saw it that day said the pattern looked good.
Well, I know, what are they going to say..."That looks like crap?" Anyway, it motivated me.
The next thing I knew, I had two sleeves.

Photos: unblocked and blocked.

I started knitting a sleeve in the round, but I have a hard time knitting lace in the round. Same thing with cables. I'd rather have the plain row as the wrong side, so I don't have to keep look closely at the knitting to figure out if I'm on a pattern row or plain row. When it's knitted flat, it's obvious if you are doing the purl side or the pattern side.

So that means I had to sew them up before I joined them to the body. I usually use my tail at the cuff to sew up partway, and join yarn to the armhole to sew down, so if I'm off by one stitch, it'll be under the arm in the middle, not at the cuff.

And here, we have the beginning of a yoke! There's no giving up on this anymore. I'm on the downward slide!

*more than halfway done: Ariann, Central Park Hoodie, Belle
*also started: Zigzag, Tweedy Aran Cardigan, Pullover F'03 VK


Anonymous Laura K said...

Ooo - I feel special that you posted my choice first! This is just the motivation I needed - my sleeves and body are done and ready to be put all together. I'd love to get it all done by a week from today, so that I can show it off at the next guild meeting. Fingers crossed!

4:23 PM  

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