Wednesday, September 01, 2010

It's Quiet

So, a week ago today the kids went back to school. (Here's last year's photo, where they are one year smaller).

The caption here should read: "Ok, Mom, this is the last one! Seriously! I need to get inside and see my friends! No more! You better not take any inside! MOMMMMM!"

Only one little bunny permitted me to take a photo inside.

And then, even she was off.

If I could have a dime for every time I have uttered the phrase "Someday, when the kids are all in school full time, I'm going to....(insert fabulous project here)."

That "someday" always seemed so far away. Even this summer, I knew it was finally getting very close and many days, to be honest, I was anticipating it with great relish. But it still seemed so very very far away.

Phase II of Motherhood: The Years When the Kids Are in School Full Time.

I have a list of projects a mile long. Dyeing, sewing, quilting....yada yada.....all the way down the list to organizing some files for the first time in a decade, and even catching up with long lost friends.

But to be honest, I'm feeling a little lost. I've been working on a few things, but I feel like my feet are in molasses.

So, that being said, please pardon my dust around here while I get it together. I'll be back soon with something. (Hopefully something *fabulous*).