Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Projects, Projects, Projects

It's pretty gloomy in here today (we're expecting snow--or maybe its less dramatic cousin, cold rain) so I don't have the greatest photo. But it's up!!!! The stockings are hung.
Last night we got Hershey Kisses, and tonight will either be mini candy canes or perhaps, a note about some fun activity that I need to dream up between now and then. Right, candy canes it is. Then I need to get my thinking cap on because it won't be candy every night, no siree.
Now, on to the next frantic deadline knit project. I'm trying to finish this Ishbel for me for our Santa Breakfast at church this Saturday morning. You can't see the sparkles in the above photo, so I've included a shot of the yarn below, it's Sophie's Toes sparkle. I dyed a little batch just for the holidays.
I have a back-up (last year's) outfit if this isn't finished. I've just gotten to the lace part, so I'm not sure how much I can get done (and blocked!) in 2 more days. I also have to make a small plaid Christmas dress, and that takes priority, since the dress will be sitting on Santa's lap getting its picture taken for posterity, and Ishbel will be back in the kitchen, cooking sausage and slinging fruit cocktail.
I thought I'd mention one more thing: it's my last shop update of the year, tonight. If you need a little "festive", I've got festive! There will be lots of Christmas yarn and other pretty colors. Here is a little preview:

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Advent Stockings!

Remember my mini-stocking sweatshop from last year? I have to admit, I'm not ready for the full-blown Christmas decor just yet, but I was excited to get these out and see them again.

Even though I finished all the socks last year, I ran out of steam when it came to doing the embroidery and figuring out a nice place to hang them. Lame! We still used them, just without the numbers.

But now, after a year off, I have renewed enthusiasm! I will embroider! I will knit I-cord! I spent way more time than I really should have late last night, arranging and re-arranging them into my favorite color order. Then I worked on the embroidery, which was touch-and-go, since I had the bad feeling that they were good the way they were and I was ruining them with the embroidery. But they have to have numbers.......right?

Now I just have a couple of miles of I-cord to knit this afternoon and we'll be all set. Happy December!