Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Quilt in Progress

Hi Everybody! I thought I would have a finished quilt to show you by now but I had to take care of some spooky business last week. There's my little "Dorothy" at the elementary school costume parade. She's growing up, my little girl.

How about a quilt in progress? I need to rewind a little back to August:

We spent some time this summer laying out Molly's quilt at my dad's house, where he has a big entry hallway and a balcony above, so you can lay out the quilt and go upstairs to get a good overall view.

We paused several times to play the "which square is your favorite" game.

So now I'm doing the quilting, which I might have done by tonight! I'm doing an all-over big flower in light blue thread. I love that it blends into some of the patches completely, just giving nice texture, and then (surprise!) it and shows up nice and contrasty on the dark patches, like the one below.

Gotta get back to it. I have school pick up in 3 hours when I will have the daily conversation:
Molly: "Mom, is my quilt done yet?"
Me: "Almost!"
Another kid: "And what about MY quilt?"
Me: " That'll be next!"
Yet another kid: "And what about MY quilt?"
Me: "Honey, you already have 2 quilts and the girls don't have any yet so please be patient."
"But I NEEEEEEEED another one."
Really, how can I argue against that?!