Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Knitting Knews

Hello! We are blurry. Sorry about that. I forget which friend took this photo at the Bloomingdale Museum reception, but it's possible that she had some wine.

A big shout out to my peeps I saw this weekend. The Midwest Fiber and Folk Festival was fun, I bought luscious wool/bamboo yarn to test dye (have had a lot of requests for worsted weight) so we'll see about that. Compared to last year, I really found the new location difficult to navigate. (I was only there for 2 hours and I had a kid and a stroller, so I know I wasn't the usual demographic of attendee.) I would love to hear comments from those of you who went--what did you think? What did you buy? What did I miss?

And the Bloomingdale reception was wonderful, as always. They really put some lovely refreshments and there was even a cute musician! If you are in the area you must see this show. (I'm not saying so just because I'm biased. I mean, how often do you get a chance to see Quilt National? Seriously!)
So, the summer is half over and I have been remiss with my knitting updates. This has been a summer full of knitting, so there is a lot to report. Settle in with a cuppa.....

When we last left our knitting heroine this spring, she finished a couple of sweaters that she really loved. Especially the periwinkle one, which was hard to top. You know that awful letdown after the Perfect Project? The search for another great project? One with great yarn, great stitch, not to much of this, not too much of that......

Much swatching ensued.

Little swatches

Big swatches

Lots and Lots of Swatches.

**Pacing and gnashing of teeth**

Sleeves disguised as swatches.

Fronts disguised as swatches.

Not to mention the socks, which came and went, flying off the needles while our knitter searched for her perfect sweater.

Finally, something stuck. (Rowan #41, Selda.) Knitting ensued. In spite of gauge issues and the fiddly situation of fitting side shaping into a lace pattern, our knitter was reasonably happy.

Then, a new pattern came along. The kind of pattern you Must. Cast. On. Right. Away.

Knitting ensued. Furious, glorious knitting. Knitting in the Zone Knitting. Our knitter got her groove back.

Coming soon: Finished Objects.

(For information on any of the above patterns, ask me in the comments and I will answer in the comments, or see my project section over on Ravelry.)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Weekend Edition - Art Show News

(Ann Fahl's coneflower quilt in front, and my 2 little Colander quilts in back.)

Hi Friends!

Just popping in with some weekend doings. This weekend (as I'm sure you know already!) is the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair up in Crystal Lake. I'm going up today, late in the afternoon to visit the vendors before attending the artist reception at the art show from 6-7pm. I have 2 quilts in the show, so pop over for a second and say hi!

Tomorrow is the opening for another show, the Bloomingdale Park District Museum is having an artist reception frokm 2-4pm for 2 shows: Quilt National 2007 "B" Collection in one gallery, and Women Packing Irons - Quilt Art from the Chicago School of Fusing in the other gallery.

Get that yard work done early, and come say hi!

We hung the show 2 weeks ago and here is a sneak preview from that day......
Anne contemplates what needs to go where.

When you have 3 kids in tow, you give thanks for Laura (above), who is always ready to entertain, and Marge (below), who decides to open up the (juice) bar.

Judy unpacks one of her large quilts.

Laura poses with the kids in front of our sign. Laura is happy because the show looks great, and the kids are smiling because we are done and are on our way to get the kids a treat. (In fact, I think Ethan is already on his way toward the door.)