Friday, September 21, 2012

Lots O Dots

I started a new quilt this week.  Its all Kaffe Fasset Roman Glass and Paperweight.  (Eagle Eye might catch some Millefiore in there too, but I'm going to take it out as I'm finding it too distracting. )

I had the idea for this quilt in the spring and collected many of the dotty fabrics at the quilt show in Paducah, adding to some I already had stashed.

I'm loving this palette.  Kind of fall-ish, which isn't usually my thing, but with the pastels and the blue in there, it isn't so traditional "fall".  More of a kind of late summer-early fall thing.  Anyway, whatever it is, I like it.

I hope you are sewing (or knitting) something special!  Happy weekend!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Color Yarn Love

Knitters.  Have you started your Color Affection Yet?

(say it with me in a serious tone like the old Public Service Announcement on TV:
"It's 10 pm.  Parents.  Do you know where your children are?")

Serious tone.  Knitters.  This is one Shawl with a capital S.  It is a big, showstopper of a shawl that will eat your little one-skein shawlettes for breakfast.

I caught the Color-Affection-Affliction in June, when I needed some garter stitch goodness to get me through a 2 week vacation with the fam.  A driving trip from Illinois to Maine, 5 people, one dog.  Need I say more? 

Color Affection.  One huge swath of garter stitch divided into four sections so you don't get bored.  Solid section, striped section, striped-short-row section, and solid again.  There is much debate on Ravelry about the edge:  too tight?  Just tight enough?  Yarnover?  No yarnover?  etc etc.  This means nothing to you unless you have started your CA and dealt with the headache-inducing notes and made your critical decision.  So if you haven't, just skip down to the pictures. 

Here's what I did:  I changed all the m1s to KFBs.  Because it made it so much easier to knit than trying to remember the difference between a M1R and a M1L.  (5 people, packed minivan, dog).

On certain rows, I added a yarn over between the first and second stitch on the front side, and dropped it on the back side. 

First section:  no yarn overs.
Second section:  Yarn overs every-other right side row.  (so that's every 4th row)
Third section:  Yarn overs every right side row.
Last section:  no yarn overs.

I was trying to strike a balance with having the shawl be firm around the neck part--but giving more stretch to the edge on the main body.  It seemed to work out great and I am doing the same thing on my second CA.

Which brings me to my second CA!  In the second one, I wanted to try a more sublte color combination.  Three different shades of blue and purple:

Sophie's Toes Sock Yarn MCN (Merino, Cashmere, Nylon) in Chelsea, Summer Berries, and Campanula.

I'm so close to the end.....but the rows are looooong.....just trying to channel my "winter self" thinking about how nice 1000 yards of MCN will feel around my neck when it's 20 degrees out.  Another good thing about finishing up Color Affection #2.  I'm that much closer to starting on Color Affection #3.

Happy Knitting! 


* if you've finished a CA leave a linky in the comment so I can ooh and ahh over yours.

** if you haven't started a CA I'm having a shop update tonight with several kits in different colorways.  Check out my Ravelry group forum for details about that.