Thursday, June 12, 2014

Keep Calm and Knit Socks

Hello Friends!  I am happy to report that I survived the April/May juggernaut of

---Children's End-of-School Activities---
If you follow me on Instagram, you might have guessed my secret.  You have seen me do it a lot recently.  Big reveal:

The Secret to Saving Sanity = Socks

Remember this equation!  You might need it someday!  They don't teach it in school!

S+S+S = S

(Secret Saving Sanity = Socks) (in case it wasn't clear)

It all started....way back in February.... in this bin:

Remember that?  That was my Bin of Unfinished Socks.  The sock graveyard.  The bin under the tv cabinet.  The Home for Unloved Socks.  The place where half-knitted socks go to die.

It was a very dark place.  A place not usually featured on blogs.  But after the Ravellenic Games ignited my finishing mojo, I decided to visit this place that I had feared for so long.

And what I found was a place that was full of potential.  FO potential.  Black Gold.  Texas Tea.
Then.  The stars aligned.  Sock knitting met up with track meets, orchestra concerts, and carpool waiting.  There was a very long bus ride with 6th graders.  Did I mention that they were singing girl scout camp songs in the seat directly behind me for 2 hours?  Sock knitting, sock knitting, sock knitting.  Basketball games, choir and band concerts, and did I mention the bus ride with 4th graders that lasted until 9:30 at night?  Sock knitting, sock knitting, sock knitting in the dark.
To summarize:  one heck of a lot of sock knitting.
And I would like to present you with the result:

Ta da!

In case you need nitty gritty details, I have been a good girl and Ravelled all of them!  Here you go (from left to right):

That's it for now!  Happy summer!  Keep on knitting! xo