Friday, June 01, 2012

Spring Break

Hi Peeps! 
I've been on the road a couple of times this spring and I have a special trip to share with you.  A road trip with my sister and the kiddos to Tennessee to visit my dad and his partner JoAnn.  And their 10 horses, 6 donkeys, 2 dogs, 1 barn cat, and *new this year* 4 chickens.
It was fantastic driving from Chicago to Knoxville with my sister.  It was just like the road trips we used to have in our twenties, complete with jamming out to the BeeGees AND getting lost in Ohio.  Except we had 3 kids in the back asking questions like:  "What's THIS song?  Who's Barry Manilow?  What's THIS song?  Who's John Denver?  What's THIS song?  Who's Neil Diamond?"  Etc. Etc. Etc.

We did all sorts of fun animal things, farm-things, and Tennessee-things.  But here is my favorite part of the day.  Happy hour on the porch, with 2 women I adore (not allowed to show their faces)(we only showered occasionally), and our knitting.  Smoky mountains in the background, behind the donkeys.

I will identify the knitting:  lets start in the middle, that's JoAnn's beautiful Noro Silk Garden Blanket.  It is the Ten Stitch Zigzag Pattern on Ravelry here. (It's free!)  What an awesome pattern.  Garter stitch.  You zig for 10 ridges, you sip your beverage.  You zag for 10 ridges.  You chat and look at the mountains and notice the Noro changing color, and sip again.  Then you're back to zigging.  It is truly zen knitting.

I had brought with me about 8 knitting projects but I came to a point in all my projects where it said "start shaping now" or "begin crazy-hard lace portion here".  I needed something that I could knit while chatting and watching the donkeys eat grass (read: sipping gin and tonics and getting silly).  When we went into town I bought 2 skeins of Silk Garden and started zigging.  That's mine on the left.
Allison's knitting on the right is Barb's Koigu Ruffle, which she is knitting with Sophie's Toes color Leopard.  It turned out stinkin cute. (Allison that is your cue to send me a picture!)  I have decided that this is the perfect pattern for a intermediate-beginning-knitter who wants to go a step farther and read a pattern.  After you get over the fact that you have to cast on 600+ stitches (yes, it might take a few days, relax and do it) it's just knit, knit, knit with a few increases and decreases thrown in.  And you end up with something adorable.

And now for some shots of my children so you can all say "my, they are growing!"  And I will nod and say.... yep.  And then I will sigh.
Molly is the horse whisperer.  She is my country girl. 

These  wonderful horses are so gentle that I can let Sophie roam the pastures without feeling like I have to keep my eye on her every second.  Because she is still 3.....isn't she?! 
(excuse me but your hair smells delicious!)

Ethan is the donkey whisperer.  (In his spare time when he's not climbing things or throwing things.)

Speaking of growing, I will leave you with one more photo of the Zig Zag blanket.  In it's current state.