Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blog Revival

One. Two.
Hello?! Peeps?! Anybody out there?!
I miss you guys and I am going to try to clobber my writers block and jump back in. How about we just pick back up where we left off--ok?
Quilting? Anyone?
I have spent the first few weeks of January finishing old projects. I have had this quilt basted and ready for the quilting for exactly one year. One year when my studio has been so piled full of yarn that the sewing machine could hardly come up for breath. But I heard that January has been officially declared International Sew For Myself Month* so it's time to get this bad boy done.
Trivia for ya: It takes 36 bobbins to quilt a king size quilt. That equals about 12 taped episodes of David Letterman.
Soooo..............what are you working on?
*just kidding I just made that up!