Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What I Knit During Summer Vacation

Hello friends! Thank you to my sweet commenters--you made me feel welcome back to the ole blog again. I love you.
The last time we visited my Barn Raising Blanket in progress was about a year ago. I was deciding whether to keep it in the blue/green range or to add some warm tones. I have made a lot of progress since then! You can see I made the decision to add warm. I even made a dark brown! (2nd row center of the photo below). I added several very light squares, which are washed out in the photo but mostly pale purples and blues, and some murky greens. There's even a little orange.

I have "refined" my goal (I almost used the word: downgraded, but we'll be positive) to 7x 7 squares, so I need 49 total. I have 44 completed, and one on the needles. One is iffy, but I am considering overdyeing it, so the total fluctuates a bit, but I am VERY CLOSE.

I mentioned before that I love to knit these little squares while on vacation. I make a goal of one square a day. It is so relaxing to get up and start a square with my coffee in the morning. It takes a little more than an hour to knit one of these--and sometimes I race to see if I can complete it while still in jammies. (Vacation is about the ONLY time I can knit for over an hour in the morning without feeling like I need to be getting ready to do something.)

Some squares are solid and some are a square-within-a-square. The way I knit those is this: I knit until there are 14 stitches between the "spokes" and then change yarn. I change yarn on a plain row so it doesn't mess up the yarn overs. That's it.

I don't have any formula to how many of each I'm going to do, I just do whatever the yarn moves me to make that day. Sometimes I'm feeling plain, sometimes I'm feeling fancy.

Friday, September 25, 2009


First Day of School, 2009

Hello my friends! I hope I still have a few readers left, after I accidently took the summer off. Thank you for sticking with me! Even though the kids have been in school for a month now, I have been afraid to touch the blog, not sure that I still remembered how to do it.

So this will be a quickie. A test. Just a few highlights (and a few lowlights) of the summer months.

We had a busy and fun summer--we went on several trips. One that will forever be lovingly referred to as "Barf-fest 2009".

I participated in Dye for Glory and WON! Making the summer even busier for me as I wasn't really planning on dyeing much yarn. But I don't mean to complain! It was good.

In the knitting category: I went on a scarf kick, a sweater kick, a Barn Raising square kick, and a Magic Ball kick.

In the kid category: a much anticipated event...my youngest is now in (half day) kindergarten! While that doesn't give me any more alone time than I had last year, I have been very excited for all 3 to be at the same school. I love our elementary school and do a lot of volunteering there. I intend to savor these next 2 years.

We got a puppy!

I am tired.

But...I'm slowing getting back into the swing of things. I think I am better with the routine that school brings, and fall is my favorite season. I'll be back in a few days with some knitting to report.